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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
Unique and Fun Joseph
Thursday, May 20, 2004
This show seemed to have a bunch of adversarial reviews. I am new to Atlanta. I moved from L.A., where we have seen one too many productions of this show. When I review, I keep in mind the venue and the type of theatre (Community, prof...etc) For a community theatre production, I thought the show was great. I laughed and enjoyed it. I didn't go in the to be a critic. I just went. I think some people went in, pen in hand ready to evaluate and not experience. I try to go into viewing a show with NO expectations. I though the narrator was fun and playful. She threw herself into the role. I'll admit that her performance made the Joseph that evening (Jacob Wood) very lack luster, though he was passable.
The brothers were fun to watch, especially Canaan Days. I liked the over the top Pharaoah. I guess I feel that Pharaoh is not Elvis, but an egyptian Elvis "want to be". At the end, I believe he was supposed to be a loser to Joseph's "winner". Hardie played that off well. If he was trying to do a dead ringer Elvis, he did fail. But-It looked to me like he was going more for a charictature , which worked for me. The band was too loud, but how can you compensate for that in a small space? I felt like some of the Dance and movement were unpolished...but this is community theatre.

The kids did sound tone deaf at times, but I like the fact that they were kids. And every touring production I have seen uses the kids the same. Maybe someone should consider fewer kids with more to do?

I liked the over all direction. It is hard to know what the director did, and when actors begin. But that is as it should be. I felt the "Princess Bride" like fantasy mood he created was wonderful, as was the interplay and jokes. erhaps with a more seasoned cast (he was obviously desperate for brothers)Mr. Hardie would excl even more.
Let's face it, this play isn't Shakespeare, Miller or Oniell. This is a light hearted funny musical. It only runs an hour or so. It isn't meant to be deep or thought provoking...just fun. I think this production does so in a unique way.

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