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Forever Plaid, by Stuart Ross
Not Bad, and will only get better...
Sunday, August 22, 2004
This is probably the third thing I've seen at Kudzu this summer. I was drawn to this theater because of the versatility and diversity or all the productions. The first thing I saw was a sketch comedy group, then a neil simon play, now I watched a sort-of in concert musical (but not).

First off I will say this, I did not enjoy the actual script or what the play is about. There were only four characters- who were on stage the whole time, and sang the same type of songs the whole time. The harmonies baffled me the entire play. At times I was tremendously impressed by the balance and almost felt like I was listening to a recording----but sometimes things would go flat/sharp/and all over the place at the end of songs, usually during the 'money notes'. This is what I mean by, it will only get better. They all seem to have very solid musical talent especially the tall guy and the guy who resembles vince vaughn, and once they tune into each other I have no worries.

The one major complaint I have besides the fact that I didn't like the script, was that the characters weren't characters enough for me. I know it is important to keep the level of the group and not stand out too much, but it seemed like every member was afraid to take the extra step and really shine as an individual character. Once one person raises the bar, I believe everyone else will sort of come out of their shells more.

There is nothing bad, or below average about this show. And once I got used to what it was, and realized the potential of it, I enjoyed myself. It was only the opening weekend, and this will only get better, and has promising members. Kudzu might get a bad outlook on this site, and for some of the silly things that go on, I'm not surprised. However, the bad eggs and this, I have seen a collectively promising group of actors ranging from 17-to late 20's who are making solid (and different) art.

The Bad Eggs, by The Bad Eggs Writers...
Where Did These Kids Come From??
Saturday, May 29, 2004
I went to see the opening of "The Bad Eggs" tonight, and let me tell you, Kudzu Playhouse really has something working for them here. While I felt like I was the only person there who had no idea who the people on stage were, I was completely impressed. I don't know the individual names of the actors, but whoever played the hobbits/gollum in the "Lord Of the Rings" sketch, nailed each character perfectly. All three girls in the cast were a joy to watch: they were cute, hilarious, and showed amazing versatility. There were dead on impressions of George W Bush, a hilarious spoof of charlie brown, and a surprise ending when one of the actors came on as a warped superhero. There are no weak members in this cast, and I could not get over how great these guys were for being just kids. I'm sure no one in the cast was over 20. This is a truly awesome show these guys have put together and it's completely worth watching. Keep up the good work guys, and Kudzu had a good idea when they stuck you in that slot. I hope you get larger audiences to come!

Peter Hollis

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