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Urinetown: The Musical, by Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis
A show to see more than once
Monday, October 3, 2005
I would have to say I agree with almost everything said in the first review. except Litle Becky... I LOVE the way she acted but I would have liked it alot better if she could hit the notes she was suppossed to be singing. Im very familiar with the music and they transposed Bobby's stuff so why not hers. It seemed like she was trying to yell everything she sang so she wouldnt have to sing. I also believe the same goes for Hot Blades, after all these kids did have microphones on and I could barely understand them. I really enjoyed the duo of Lawrence McEvoy and Alex Engquist. I have seen them seperatley in productions and was amazed but I think they are the perfect team. Every line they delivered made sense and it was hilarious without getting cheesy. Max Flick did very well, but at times he seemed to not care about the ensemble onstage with him and that threw me off. Stephanie was brilliant as Little Sally. At first I was setting myself up for dissappointment because Stephanie has always played her characters very strong but she really made the little kid thing work for her. Kaleigh Malloy was a pleasure to watch onstage. She brought out the gritty Pennywise and yet gave her an endearing and feminine quality. Caleb Lawton was pretty funny as Mr.McQueen, over all it was the little mannerisms that made his character shine. Kayla Fikis seemed to play her character a little inconsistent but I loved it any ways, she had some lines that made me crack up even if they werent suppossed to. Jana Fructman has a spectacular voice and I couldnt wait to here her solo lines although I think her acting needs a little bit of work. But what impressed me most was the fact that these two girls did not have mics. and yet could be heard throughout the entire show unlike most of the other ensemble characters. Aaron Brown was my least favorite actor that night. I did not like the voice he used at all and his gestures seemed too I dont know how to say it... contrived maybe and a little bit showy. Lizzie Speaker did a wonderful little solo during "Freedom" she was very graceful. I will also agree that the dancing seemed to dominate the group numbers. At certain points the singing got much softer but I can live with it since the dances were so amazing and I know that not every one in that cast can probably dance. My all time favorite piece was "Snuff the Girl" simply because of the dancing, not the singing. The kiss bewteen Bobby and Hope was sweet yet very awkward looking that may be something to look at before these guys leave for competition. All in all I was very impressed and very entertained... and I will be going to see the production again. Becuase Im sure that there are things I didnt pick up on that I am just dying to see.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, by Shakespeare
Better than I expected
Wednesday, June 30, 2004
All I can say is that I was really impressed with the kids who pulled off this production!! I was expecting something dull standard, but the execution was extremely well done. The cast was well chosen and seemed to work wonderfully together. Zach Safford and Kayla Fikis were beautiful as Hermia and Lysander. I really saw the passion during their scenes. And Alex Engquist and Jamie Link made my sides tear from laughing so hard! They really brought something different to their roles! Not to mention the big scene in the woods was incredible!! I laughed so hard I thought I broke some ribs. Max Flick did very well, although he bungled his lines quite a few times he amazed me with his talent; and dedication. From what I understand he had gotten the role recently and had less time to get the lines down so bravo to Max! Jessica Marks was a beautiful Titania. Her elegance was stunning and the depth she gave the Fairy queen was truly astonishing. David Olson, now he is truly a talent. He really got the character of Bottom down to the last little piece of what makes him who he is!! And the play within the play wouldn’t have been the same without David’s performance. And last but certainly not least… Wow! That’s not even a good enough word to summarize the entirety of his portrayal of the devilish Sprite. His agility and creativity with his character really made the show. Maybe a bit of a scene stealer at times… but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Mark Kincaid has directed a beautiful and entertaining piece and I wish them the best of luck in their last week of performances.

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