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Hedwig and the Angry Inch, by John Cameron Mitchell; music and lyrics by Stephen Trask
the best show ever!
Friday, July 4, 2008
omg! What a fabutastic show! Omg, Craig is the best hedwig ever. He takes Hedwig to new levels. And the director adds so many great new ideas! Plus the band is totally HOTT. Wow, mark schroeder is sooooo SEXXY! i want to have his babies!!!! omg!!!!!!!

Urinetown: The Musical, by music and lyrics by Mark Hollmann and book and lyrics by Greg Kotis
See this show!
Monday, June 23, 2008
I had a terrific time watching Urinetown this weekend. I highly recommend this gem . In particular, the performances of Bobby Strong and McQueen should not be missed. I am so impressed with the production values and quality of performance, Onstage has really improved since my last visit. My only issue is some of the actors get carried away with their energy that in such a small space it becomes a little over the top. But I squabble for its also this energy which makes this Urinetown such a joy to witness. Come one, come all, see this show! Yaay!!!

1776, by Sherman Edwards & Peter Stone
Big improvement!
Monday, June 23, 2008
For the most part, I really enjoyed watching 1776 at Kingswood UMC. It is a big improvement over company, which I watched last year. Overall the acting and singing is a big step forward. The cast overall is mixed in talent, making the show somewhat inconsistent in quality and enjoyment. but the leads are overall solid, especially John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. I also liked the page. The costumes are good, and the set is fine. My only issue is the pacing and the energy. Its inconsistent because, as I already mentioned, the mix in talent. But it appears the direction could have been stronger, getting more out of the actors. but I'm being picky here. Good job!

Company, by
Monday, July 23, 2007
for me this gots to be the biggest flop of the year. i soooo much love company and i soooo much love sondhiem that i went out of my way to see this. at a church which is kewl. but this company has gots to be the biggest flop of the year. the pacing was slow and dull. some scenes are so bad its like someone scratching a blackboard. the acting and singing was ok, but it didnt work cause the characters didnt come to life for me. robert is pitiful. like omg the director is the lead and he isnt any good. what gives? but the weakest link is the dancing. how tedious? well it wasnt all bad. i did like the set. sooo kewl and simple, good job there. better luck next time guys.

Cabaret, by John Kander and Fred Ebb
soooooooo awesome!
Thursday, June 7, 2007
this is fabutastic! loved it soooo much. was at specal benefit last night, for first time, and its such anice place! awesome food. and omg, like for real, jeff mckerley is the best ever. isnt he? yes! yes! yes! he made me laugh, then he made me angry at the nazis, and then he made me cry at teh end. jeff is soooo amazing. im in love. and hes sooooo hot too! ok what bout the rest of the show, feather? ok ill tell you. its nice seeing my bff mark shroder. hes soo funny. i <3 u mark! ohy and i really <3 the older german couple too. they are sooooo fabutastic togethr. and belevable. i didnt like the lead woman who is sally bowles. shes not believable but has good voice. oh and i agree the set is ok. but the costumes r HOT!!! yeh, and its all bout the acting and dancing and singing. and here its awezome! cabaret is soooo great. its fun. its sexxy. its deep. and the end is soooooooo powerful. all must see!

Will Rogers Follies, by Cy Coleman, Betty Comden, Adolph Green
ignore the crazies
Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Why so many reviews for this show? why r there more reviews than audence members,.? hhahaha lol! and what hellish reviews too. like, omg ppl, u have an axe to grind? someone piss u off? u hate that much? jeez, then all the fake reviews tryin to cover up the hate. like really, we kno ur in the show! come on ppl!. ok ok ok. now feather, get to the show, ok? ok i will. here it is. well its good. i liked it. not great stuff, but everyone had fun. the actors. the audiance. and that matters alot to me. Ok, the music wasnt perfect and some of the acting wasnt two good. but the energy pretty good. oh and the dancing was fabustastic. and the costumes was fabustatic. wow. and lest i say some of the lead performances were friggin amazing, espec zeigfields favorite! man, she stole the show. yay!!!!

The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), by Reed Martin, Adam Long & Austin Tichenor
Wednesday, May 16, 2007
If u read my reviews, u kno i like to have fun. And this is fun. ok? and some of the moments are hilarous if u ask me. even so i left with an empty feeling. . two reasons. 1, the actors in are not clear with their language. Its hard to understand their lines when delivered all mubbled jumbled el dumbo style. 2. the actors dont appar to get the humour of the material. like, omg! the best jokes and funny moments are improved and more pysical in nature. Where is the parody? what about the shakespere? why not focus on the humor in ths script? its not just slapstick!!! ok, this is a tough show to perform, and they tried their best. but only directors with shakespare background and actors with shakespere experience should try this. othrwise it falls flat. like this. thud!

Much Ado About Nothing, by William Shakespeare
cold wind, hot shakes
Tuesday, May 8, 2007
heyo this was fun. cold cold cold. but fun fun fun! oh i <3 nfdc. its sooooo kewl. but its outdoors and its seemingly i always go when its cold. brrrr. but hay as i said i had fun!!! sara holtn is s000ooo cute. and steven banks also adds to the talent. n my friend claire is in the cast! yay!!! oh yes this cast gots the best ppl yet for nfdc. getting better n better! only prob i have is u cant always hear good. n the sound just isnt picked up all the time. n the wind mades it worse. but hey. just a squible. greaqt show!!! fun spirt! fun actin! fun show!!! listen to me, feather. u should all go!!!!! nfdc rocks!

fast girls, by diana amsterdam
ho hum
Monday, April 30, 2007
this is an ok showing for kudzu. better then average elsewhere but not at kudzu. ok the ladies are great. mary and amy r fab-u-tastic. i didnt care for the guys, espec lane as sidney. bluk!he just came off as creepy. and slitly dull. u kno what i mean? anywho, the big problem is not lane, but the pizz-poor timing and non-existanz of any comedic energy. like, duh! this is suppoz to be fun!!! u kno???

Barefoot in the Park, by Neil Simon
yo yo mark shroeder, u r soooo hot!
Monday, March 12, 2007
this is a fairly good show. i not shur its the best barefoot but its a good one. i saw this year ago at kudzu with my nemisis jason being the lead but that review got deleted. this barefoot is slighty better but i hate to say it but jason was better than daniel. but i like daniel, he's kindof swave n cool, buts its just that daniel doesnt have the range jason has. haha. omg its fun to compare the 2!!! kimberly is soooo much better than brandy, but i liked the two old people at kudzu better. but omg i love mark shroeder!!! he is soooo fab!!!! come see this show only to see this hot guy! rawrr! oh soooo sexxy!!!!

Stepping Out, by Richard Harris
the good life
Monday, February 26, 2007
i like this show! the dancing was very fun. the shows about ten british girls that arnet good dancers bonding together and becoming good at dancing. the acting was perty good but not great. all the girls waz convincing in their roles but i had problms hearing them. a bunch of old ladies complained about not understand them speak too. no fear peeps, the dancing was fun! and the dance keeped the show alive, espec at the end! yeh great finale! ive taking dance for 12 yrs now, and lemme tell you its hard to dance bad unles u kno what ur doing. and these ladies knew what they were doing. u grrls rock!!! oh and u 2 geoffrey, i forgot bout u. u were soooo funny! i think ur hot!!!

Godspell, by John-Michael Tebelak, Music and New Lyrics by Stephen Schwar
ok show, but michael walker is hot!!!
Friday, February 9, 2007
omg i love the music in this show. ok ths show itself is not as good as a broadway show. but the set is fab. like that. but the cast is not consistntly good like a broasway show in ny or even on tour here in the atl. but this show is still much fun! i had to see this cause i luv stephen schwartz. im a huge wicked fan u kno, so i had to see this cause shwartz updated the music. and it is fabtastic! now back to the show. its good, u kno, but not great. caus the cast is so-so 4 the most part. but only i have to say that micheal wakler is the bomb! omg he is soooo fabtastic. wow!!!! i'm in love!!!!!! xxx ooo <3 <3 <3

Stuart Little, The Musical, by E B White
gotta luv the mouse! n the cat!
Monday, January 29, 2007
yay kudzu! ur gettin sooo better. even kids shows r now better. yeh probably caus uknowho aint round no more. ok i wont go there. my therpist tells me no feather no. so back to the review. this is a musical. can u believ it? and suprise! its acually good. kewl. why? cause some talanted actors r in this show. start with the mouse. shes fabtastic! couldnt hear her all the time, but shes sooo darm cute and funny. and then thers snowbelle. omg shes awsome. u go gurl! but why a 4 and not a 5 feather? ok ill tell u. the rest of the cast is just ok. oh sure the growups r good. luv the men! rawrrr!! but omg some of the kids. not all but some r sooo like, u kno, what waz that? but anywho. its jsut a kids show. and im gettin 2b a softie. and i had fun/ sooo hey! good job!!

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens
nicer place better show
Tuesday, December 26, 2006
ok well i came 2 see it and thx for invite people. i think i see improvement here. fist and most importnt is cusotmer sevice is sooo much nicer. theater changes name to theater on main. it is so clean nad nicely decorated. the stage is so much better and seats are sooooo much nicer. wow great place. good job. u should all be proud. ok feather what about the show? well it was good. not great but good. overall i think i liked the cast ok. the scrooge is so much better than what i saw in cumming playhouse. omg he was bad. but this scrooge is not as good as brink miller at kudzu. but hes good and has his own take wich is good. the rest of the cast is kinda weak. but i loved the feziwigs. they are sooooo funny. love it! anyway, so its good. good show. good scrooge. noithing great, but not bad ether. nice improvement guys!!!!

A Tuna Christmas, by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears and Ed Howard
totally fab!
Monday, December 18, 2006
all i can say is wow! i didnt even want to come see this show but friends had tickets and its free. ok im cheap. but i saw oklahoma here earlier this year and it was ok but not 2 good. omg, not this! tuna christmas is probably the funnest time ive ever had watching a play. yes ive seen more serious dramas and incredable musicals at nyc and the fox. but nothing like this. ok its a comedy with cross dressing and crazy costume changes. but omg wow! i like rob hadaway but omg jeff mckerley is totally fabulous. its the first ive seen him and he is brillant. i dont think ive ever liked a guy watching an actor more. ive seen nathan lane and hes great but the difference here is how intiment the theater is and how up close u are and how much the action involves u in the audience. u jsut cant get that on b-way. and jeff mckerly is just as good as nathan lane. omg did i just say that? omg omg omg. and who would have thought u can see something like this in a small theater in marietta/? unbelievable. this is sooooooooooooooo funny. this is soooooooooooooo good. omg! u need to see this!!!!!!!!!!

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A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, adapted by Lisa Riley and G. Scott Riley
yey feziwigs, fred and cratchets!
Monday, December 11, 2006
i do have much xmas spirit this year so im going out to see a more christmas carols. maybe next week ill go to cobb or waht every they are called now. this weekend i went to cumming. wow nice place. old schoolhouse now a theater. nicely done for xmas. gets me more into xmas spirit. ok feather. what about the play? ok ill tell you. it was ok. i didnt like the scrooge. i couldnt understand him all the time. and when he did become understandable he overacted. even his guiet moments is overdone. my freinds didnt like him either but some in the crowd love dhim. so maybe its an acwired taste. but i did like supporting cast alot!! especially the crachets. they were good. i liked fred too. hes a good actor. but the best was the feziwigs. they is hillarous! fantasticaly funny! wondrfully riotrous! they made the show for me. ms feziwig is a hoot!!! oh good job feziwigs, fred and cratchets! merry xmas 2 u all!

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, adapted by Wally Hinds
yey kudzu!
Monday, November 27, 2006
i like this kudzu christmas carol much better then past years. there are extra treats like extra jokes and arobatics and puppets and christmas carols that sound sooooo much much better then past years. and for an openning weekend, wow, lots pf energy and excitement! that doesnt happen much at kudzu. the set is real nice, and the costumes are classy as always. oh and no dr phil paceints this year! the only thingy i didnt like was the narator thatss kinda boring and mr zuber plays to many charactors. mr Zuber is a dad of a good friend and i like him alot but hes too much the same to do all that he does. but hes still fun to watch so no big problem here. oh, ok feather, get positive. what did you like? well what i really like is the fab brink miller as scrooge. OMG hes the best scrooge ever. i love brink so much i will carry his babys! and OMG! wally is sooooo funny this year as feziwig. LOL! go see him too! yey wally! yey brink! and yey, great job all!

Funny Money, by Ray Cooney
crazy game of cats and mice!
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
i so much liked this show. it was funny! its like watchin crazy game of cats and mice. i think tempo could be faster but still this is lots of fun to see the crazy actors do their thing here. my favs were the cops davenport and slater. wow they had great facial expressons most of all davenport. and i think the guy wwho plays henry is still too over the top for his good but he almost works out ok here. but i like his wife and the guy that plays vic. hes funny. my vent about the show is that i couldnt make out everything the actors said. it was hard to hear so they can all imrpove on that kind a stuff. but their is so much action its still its a fun night out and i did have so much fun so i want to say good job all!

And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie
better luck next time
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
im rewriting this review so bear with me. im trying to remember everything. ok. it was strange watching this show. strange cause the acting was good and the actors are strong actors. but the show was kindof boring until the end. the slow tempo was disasterous and the actors stand around alot. my friends say it was a bad script but i say its bad director. the actors were all good so what else could it be. oh and the actors. my favs was the lead guy phillip, the doctor that wined alot, the lady that died by needle, the general that had bad makeup. brink was in the show and hes my favorite actor but hes only ok this time. oh and as i before said its strange wally wasnt there when i saw it and the guy who did his part hidden a script that you could see. ok kudzu you can do better then this!

Twelfth NIght, by William Shakespeare
nfdc rocks
Tuesday, October 31, 2006
ok im rewriting this review and im trying to remem ber what i said before. shakespere in roswell rocks! this time its very fun b ut not as fun as love labors lost. i think the main reason is that it was very very cold outside. and the show is acted outside so brrr! i think the north futon drama club should do it earlier in the fall so its not too cold. ok feather now what about the show? ok ill tell you. i liked it good! i really liked the costumes, they are killer fab! and the sound is better but sometimes the wind gets in the way and you here some actors better than others. but i think the acting gets better this time than last time so this is a better cast. oh and i like the story of twelfth night better but the cast wasnt as energetic as love labors lost. this is probably due to it bein so cold. oh exept for olivia. wow shes so wonderful! im jealous and i want to be as good as she is. you rock olivia! luv ya!

Steel Magnolias, by Robert Harling
big theater good show
Thursday, September 21, 2006
this is a nice southrn show. i recomned it to everone. but the one problem i have is that the theater is so big that where i sat it was hard to watch and hear everything that goes on. but the acting was good by most of the ladys. my too favs by far are jennifer akin as annelle and carol-mitchell-leon as ouster. jenifer's
haracter is too much like me and it hit home. carol-mitchel-leon steals the show and made me laugh so hard. you should come see it just to see her. shes a hoot. but the end of the show is unexpected sad. made me cry! good acting eveyrone.

Father of the Bride, by Caroline Francke, based on the classic novel by Edward Streeter
yeh kudzu
Monday, August 21, 2006
i sawe this show with my frinds. its a nice olde fashon story. i must say brink miller is my fav atlanta actor and he makes this show so joyable for me. the rest of cast top to bottom is good and has niced energy. i really think their conmdy all around is top notch. the set was nice and wally did a good job but atcors stand around too much and staging could be more intersting. but overall good job kudzu.

Narnia, by Jules Tasca, with lyrics by Ted Drachman and music by Thomas Tierney
thank god for bill mann
Monday, August 21, 2006
the tickt guy was nice this time but the show was worse than my last cobbplayouse vist. i didnt like this show too much cause it was akward and didnt fit the philosofy of the book i have read many times. the highlihgt is bill mann as the lion asalon. what a good precense and fab voice. nice job mr mand, nice job. the beavers were goood too but tahts it. the rest of the cast is embarssing to watch. the children need better direcion and are akward in this. the other actors dont fit well etiher. not fit for the sotry. and the scenes dont fit toghter nicely and run more like a bunch of odd one act plays than a signle story. the music is also awkward, saved only by the b ill mann and the beavers. too bad so sad.

Smoke on the Mountain, by
grfeat music
Monday, August 7, 2006
wow this is a classy and fun show. musiclally it is the best ive seen outside atlanta. the theater is very nice and compfortable, in an old schoolhouse that is remodeled. now what about the show? very funny, verry touching, and very very good musically. most of all i liked june, plus i liked maude and myrtle. my big complant is the actors came off more like actors than like real people. they have good entgery but they are over the top. but because they sing so well and the music is so good it doesnt matter. wow the music is great here. very electrical and very entertaining. doesnt get better than this otuside atlanta.

Virginia's Real, by Dwayne Yancey
never again
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
last week i fess i did say oklahoma was very, very ok. now youse got your revenge. after a god awful trip to ackworth now i know i was too harsh. where bigtop is clean, cobb play house is dirty. while big top is friendly, cobb play house is downrite mean. as bigtop has lots of people watchin, cobb play house has two doezn tops. ok feather get on with the show. ok. what is it you think? ok ill tell you. its mostly bland and boring. i cant hear everyone or if i can they gummble there words. the script trys hard to be funny but isnt. ok the actors try to make the most of it and at times they almost are funny but this isnt a good southern script. now ive seen attala county recntly and thats a good southern sript. this isnt no attala county. this is boring. whose at fault? director? incoherant acting? play wrighting? nasty seats? poop customer service? yeh, all of the above.

Oklahoma, by Rodgers and Hammerstein
very very ok
Thursday, July 13, 2006
my first time at bigtop, came to see a friend. i like the theare. they got a colorful lobby, friendly people, and a silly artistic director. now what about the performance? it is a very, very ok. honest its short on talent, but made up by lots of energy from the cast. yeh the leads are one dimensional, and their singing isnt all that great. but the enthusiasm of the cast is so high, i like the spirit. and two of the supporting actors, the street vender and the bad guy, are very, very good. oh and i liked the set. so I liked the show, ok? especially the title song production at the end, which the whole cast did very, very well. it sent chill bumps down my spines. but overall its like, you know, so very, very ok. like very, very high school ok. you know?

The Attala County Garden Club, by Topher Payne
see what you can do with talent?
Monday, May 22, 2006
see kudzu what you can do when you dont count on the same old boring actors all the time? get some hot old ladies from inside the perimeter and walla, you got yourself a fabulous show. topher payne's hilarous script about southern ladies and, how do i say it without giving away the plot?, alternative gardening techniqes, is well acted by the cast and wonderfuly directed by jeanette stinson. in particular i enjoyed bobie elzey and patty seibert. but the whole cast is great. really. and yeh, topher is having fun enbracing the new and whats alternative, and paying homage at the same time to his roots. wow. and nicely done by kudzu outsiders. see, wally? you dont need jason at all/

Love's Labour's Lost, by William Shakespeare
amazing amazing amazing
Friday, May 19, 2006
wow what a fabolous show. shakesepare outdoors in beutiful roswell. the acting is fantastic and the show is very funny. very well staged by the talented thomas strickland. forget those downtown amatures - come out to see the best shakespeare in town right here in roswell!

The Dinner Party, by Neil Simon
good coffee
Friday, May 19, 2006
i went to go see the infamous brad rudy. wow he is a decent actor. i wouldnt have guessed that. he is classy and has a nice touch of wit. on the other hand, the hapless jeff bigger is a boorish bore. jeez what a ham. okay, okay, ill stop there. overall this is an okay show. not nael simons best. but coffee at intermission is to die for.

The Dining Room, by A.R. Gurney
Friday, May 19, 2006
this show is pdg. for those of you ignoramo's not in the know, that is short for pretty damn good. the script is funny and touching and the actors do a good job with it. more than the others, john jones stands out. go to see his great performance.

by the way, i have little problm with thm performing at a church. you anti religous wack jobs need to lighten up.

A Christmas Carol, by Adapted by: Wally Hinds
kudzu kudos
Wednesday, December 15, 2004
okay, i liked much of what i saw. not as great as previous years. the feziwigs were not as funny as last year. and brink miller is boring in the middle of the play. this scrooge is on auto pilot. but tiny tim was very cute and chris arapoglou even better. wally was funny! yes i said that. but he is. and best of all there's no jason. shout out to michael and jamie for a job well done. in the christmas spirit, i'm giving it a 3 1/2 out of 5. so much, much, much, much better than that god awful invisible man. keep it up. the theater may survive after all. nice job.

Alice in Wonderland, by
Thursday, July 15, 2004
I just got back from it, and it was DISASTROUS!! I dont know any of hte people in the play, but that doesnt change a thing...hahaha Sadlissa was the dumbist cat i have EVER seen!! and lindsad (she is only in for for 12 weeks, filling in for darkster) was and sadsee who was hte doormouse and chessire cat is dumb too....(and sadsees bio is the dumbist bio i have ever seen;)) uhhhh....yes....the day i went the audience was dead, which should really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really tell you something!!

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