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Footloose, by Dean Pitchford. Music by Tom Snow, Kenny Loggins, Sammy Haggar & others
Footloose Rocked
Tuesday, August 9, 2005
I was under the impression that children’s theater and family theater are not synonymous. Cobb Playhouse does lots of theater for children, but the fact that they also put on productions that are more adult-oriented certainly makes them one of the most well-rounded theaters in the metro area. I would hate to see that go away because of small minds. I grew up in a much smaller southern town than Acworth and we always did much edgier productions than “Footloose”. I think Acworth can handle this production just fine. And, correct me if I am mistaken, but didn’t the camps do “Grease” a couple of times this summer. Now, there is a musical with a message—Good girl conforms herself to the wastrels and losers in high school. Not to mention overt sexuality, drop-outs, underage drinking, and possible teen pregnancy.
As we all know, unless you have specific permission from the licensing organization you cannot make cuts, change genders or change the book or libretto in any way. You never know who is watching, as Rusty and the girls sing to Ren. So, if the authors put in curse words, they are probably there for character emphasis, which ultimately makes the end message more powerful.
This was a good show. There was a lot of energy on the stage. Some of the voices were not as strong as others but power vocals are not everyone’s talent. The opening number was excellent as was Chuck’s number “The Girl Gets Around”. Great voice, very pure, and very physical dancing at the same time. Can’t get much better. The three girls voices harmonized well, but the Rusty character has a blow-you-away voice in anything she sang. Deep and soulful. Wow. The other great voices of note are Reverend Moore, Ren’s mom, Vi and, of course, Willard. The comic foil counterpoint to Rusty was brilliant casting. “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” and “Mama Said” were both awesomely done. The ensemble was very good; always doing something. Too many shows do not utilize choruses well—this one did. I loved the point/counterpoint in “I’m Free”.
I definitely recommend this show, not only to adults, but to kids as well. The message this show brings is uplifting, the music is familiar and catchy, and the characters are nice people, even if they disagree.

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