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Forever Plaid, by Stuart Ross
A musical return to a more innocent age!
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
I am an actor in Atlanta, but I have never worked at Kudzu Playhouse. In fact I have never been to this theater before, but because of this site and friends that I have worked with, I have definitely heard of Kudzu Playhouse. Some good, some not so good. But most theaters in this city have that reputation so I was able to keep an open mind. I came with a group of friends this past Saturday and many of us had seen Forever Plaid before at other theaters and although this was not the best production of FP I have seen, it is definitely ONE of the best, especially from a nonequity theater group.

After reading some of the other reviews, I have to believe that most of the problems was due to ‘opening night jitters’. There was plenty of energy on the stage this night and even though the audience wasn’t completely full, it was a loud and appreciative audience. The four guys (Brian Bascle, Mark Schroeder, Jason Meinhardt, and Matthew Cornwell) played well off of each other and also had some great moments playing off the audience. Some of the choreography was off, but it was not enough to be distracting. I have seen worse at other productions. In fact, most of it was what got the biggest laughs since the moves are very cheezy. The voices blended beautifully for the most part and only once did I notice an off note. But if you are musically inclined in any way, you can tell that the music for this show is extremely difficult and all actors should be patted on the back for even attempting this music. These actors did a great job with all aspects of the show. The sets, lights, costumes (the plaid jackets were wonderful), and other technical parts of the show need to be applauded as well. Precise direction (by Wally Hinds and Jason Meinhardt) definitely gave the audience the feeling that they were part of the show and the guys did a great job making you believe that each show is different and changes to fit the mood of the audience.

I agree with the other reviewer that this show will only get better because based on the other reviews and what I saw on Saturday they must be improving and I think they will continue to do so. I have enjoyed myself everytime I have seen a production of Forever Plaid and this one, I promise, will not dissappoint!


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