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The Wizard Of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, Adapted by John Kane, Music/Lyrics by H Arlrlen & EY Harburg
Group says thumbs up
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
A whole group of us went last Friday night. Hey, the weather was nice and it was a free show. I live in Kennesaw, so it wasn't far. We got there around 7:00 for an 8:00 show, and it was already packed to the rafters. Not just kids either. There were plenty of adults there without visible children in tow. Our group found places to put our chairs near the back and settled in on the gravel parking lot.
The orchestra, yes I said orchestra, started playing, and we were transported to the land of "e pluribus unum". There were some sound issues and trains that didn't mesh with the dialogue, but generally we had no trouble hearing what was going on.
The players were wonderful to say the least. Uncle Henry had some very comical turns and Aunt Em was quite emotional. Dorothy was just right.
But what I liked best was the interaction with the audience. When Gulch came stalking out tossing insults, I thought I would collapse. She proceeded to dominate the stage and the other actors.
We went for more drinks, and when we returned Dorothy had entered Munchkinland. The Munchkins were just darling and the costumes were bright and colorful. Loved the hats, particularly the Lullaby girls and the coroner.
Glinda was sparkling--what a beauty. Then the witch came out and I was spellbound. The delivery was just like I remember in the movie. Children were petrified. Her performance continued to be top-notch through the whole show, and she spent a good deal of time in the audience to the horror and thrill of kids and adults. Outstanding Job!!
The other fantasy characters were absolutely top-notch. The scarecrow and tin man tried and succeeded in bringing the movie characters to life well. The lion was not like the movie, but he was okay too. We could not understand some of what he was saying some of the time, which is the only quibble I have with him.
The crows and trees slayed me. Using these characters as backup singers was so funny.
Act 2 opened in Oz, and there we witnessed the most hilarious take on the Emerald City Guard that we had ever seen. He was hysterical.
The dance numbers were fine--I'm not a dancer, and I don't have an appreciation for it that others do, but they seemed to serve the purpose.
The Winkies were real little kids, which was funny. The monkey, led by Neko were just outstanding too--screaming down the aisle was a good way to introduce them.
To a person, we all had a great time and stood at the end of the show. We all agreed though, that in a cast of talented and strong performers, that it was the witch's show. And she came into the audience after the show too to talk to the children. Nice touch. And nice job Cobb Playhouse. Welcome to the area.

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