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NAKED BOYS SINGING!, by Robert Schrock
More Than Just Nudity
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
I had heard quite a bit about Naked Boys Singing from friends of mine still living in New York. They all said that yes, it had been a great show, but after almost 6 years it was tired, etc. So I was interested, but didn't have high hopes when I went and saw the Atlanta show recently. I was also familiar with the music, thought it to be uneven but pretty good overall, and was curious about what this production would do with it. I can happily say that I was not disappointed by the Atlanta production. Tired it is not. The actors, for the most part, are having a great time up there, sing beautifully when doing the group numbers (some of the harmonies are terrific!), and the audience had a great time. There are moments, however, when the actors, to a man, seem disconnected from each other as well as from the audience. Not sure what that is about. This is particularly true in the opening and closing numbers. At other times though, they're right there, very present. A standout in the cast, for me, is Dan Barron, who brings sensitivity and depth to his numbers. Also wonderful is Christopher Skinner, especially in "The Entertainer", a number I hadn't thought much of based on the CD alone. This is also true of Ben Hammer's courageous job on "Perky Little Porn Star". The song is not a great one, but Hammer goes for it, and makes you really admire this little guy he's singing about. Overall, great fun. I recommend this show to anyone looking to have a good time out with friends, seeing something a little different than the usual fare.

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