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Home For The Holidays, by
You can't beat Home Sweet Home!
Tuesday, December 7, 2004

I got a chance to see this show last Sunday and I absolutely loved it. It is a great show for you to get into the holiday spirit. It is crammed with great holiday songs and fun memories.

I am a longtime visitor of Stage Door, and I have to say that I have been blown away by the level of talent in their latest show. Cathy Hall Payne and Shawn Hale are comic highlights. Matthew Carter and Kristie Krabe are very sweet and loving as the young married couple. And Rachel Sorsa and Jeffrey Brown are very cute in their cat & mouse flirting.

The set design and lighting design was absolutely stunning. And it was nice to hear a trio of piano, bass and guitar. Not too overpowering and just enough oomph to match the strong voices of the cast.

The show is definitely appropriate for all ages, as well. Good job!

Debbie Does Dallas, The Musical, by Adapted by Erica Scmidt
We don't have to take our clothes off...
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
to have a good time, no, no!

Okay, this is my first time reviewing on this site, as I don't go and see musicals too often. But I am a frequent visitor to Dad's and I dropped in to see Debbie on the Monday "Pay What You Can" performance, and I loved every second of it!

Never have seeing the film (yes, really), I didn't really know what to expect. Camp, yes. Silliness, yes. Real acting, emotion and empathy for the characters, though, whoa! You caught me off guard there! I can't believe I am saying this about a musical based on porn, but, yes, I was really connected to these characters.

I loved reading the director's notes prior to the show and seeing a correlation between Debbie and some more classical works. There is a journey that is being taken, and I am convinced every step of the way.

Kristie Krabe's portrayal of Debbie was excellent. She was "in the moment" every step of the way. What a great little actress - funny, yet really engaging. This was my first time ever seeing her perform, but not the last. She has a beautiful voice as well, and a wonderful presence on stage.

Doyle Reynolds portrayal of Mr. Greenfelt was just this side of being too much. But he still managed to let us see the vulnerable side of the character and you were really cheering for him in the end.

Katy Carkuff's Lisa was not your typical "Bitchy Cheerleader" role. You could see that she had dreams too, and was just going about getting them in a different way.

The rest of the cast really rounded out well. Jen Caldwell and Mary Kraft (who I think is hysterical) really brought out the funniness of the roles they were in. And Tim Stoltenberg as Tammy was brilliant. I love seeing this guy perform. Nice legs, too... (Did I really just say that?) The dance numbers were highly entertaining to watch as well.

As for the guys, Dan Triandafalo, Steve Emmanuleson and Z Gillespe were hilarious in their various roles. Standout scenes were the candle song and the tennis court phone call scene. I was crying I was laughing so hard. As for Joey Ellington, I think he was great in getting across the goofiness of the role, but I was not blown away by his voice (I think he sounded tired). Good looking guy, though.

My only gripes were that the canned music was a bit overpowering at times. But overall the sets, lights and costumes were great. Dad's Garage is a great place to see a show, as you feel like you are hanging out at a friends. Okay, a friend's with Skin-a-Max, but you are having fun.

I would give this show a 4.5 because of those sound issues, but since you cant do that here, and I think the issues were all fixable, and I like to see the Dad's Garage at the top of the site, I'm going for a 5. Go see this show!!

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