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Bell, Book, and Candle, by John Van Druten
I did too dudley
Monday, October 25, 2004
Oh, I will go ahead and apologize for this review now. This play was like watching a tv show that had alot of hype but failed your expectations. It was not unbearable. It was really decent. It was better than most. I went because it got such good reviews. It was a good college try, as they say. I thought the costumes did a great job of capturing the era. I also thought that Coco Chalfant and Charles Green did excellent jobs capturing the era of the play. Tons of stage presence, great character development. To be fair, the fault might not lie in the actors of this production that their characters were not so fully actualized. It's not a very solid script - the "characters" are just much more strongly written than the leads. Ms Tucker did a fair job as Gillian. Mr Vaughn did a fair job as Shep. But Ms Tucker - you just dont sense that she is someone who has much warmth beneath her skin - nor longs for love enough to cast a spell. She appeared a very capable actress - but I didn't buy that she always bought her circumstances. Mr Vaughn - well, is it wrong to say that he seemed as though wearing a suit was not an everday occurrence for him, as though his clothes did not fit his persona? He has presence, I will give him that - but his mind seemed continually preoccupied, as though his focus were somewhere else, and he went through the motions of the play. I felt jilted, certain that on a better night, I might have witnessed what the first two reviewers saw. But instead - the energy seemed off for me. Ok - now I will apologize. I hate giving poor reviews. And maybe I shouldn't write anything if I can't say something nice. Take what you want from this review. Toss what you don't. And remember, its only one opinion.

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