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Debbie Does Dallas, The Musical, by Adapted by Erica Scmidt
She had me at "OK, Bye!!"
Friday, October 29, 2004
I, for one, am glad that this show was extended so I could get a chance to see it. Fillarius must have been there on an off night, because the show I saw on Thursday was dead on hilarious.

Debbie is a high-energy, hilarious, camp adventure that had me rolling out of my seat. Everytime I thoought they had gone as far as they could, these guys went further.

The show itself is what it is - pure fun. If you go expecting to see some high-brow, message laden, theatrical piece, then what the heck are you doing at Dad's Garage?!

This cast is by far one of the best that I have seen put together on the Dad's Stage. Yes they are towards the end of the run, and some folks sounded like they were battling the flu (Damn those British Laboratories!!). But still, the cast kept me entertained.

Kristie Krabe as Debbie Benton was outstanding. I have to echo the majority of the reviews on this show, that she is truly an amazing performer. Her voice is fantastic - ranging from musical theater to operatic to rock and roll, and the innocence and naiveite that she gave to the character were spot on. And as far as the dancing goes - I thought she was one of the best movers up there.

Katy Carkuff is delicious as Lisa. She too, posesses a powerhouse voice that stops the show half-way through the show. Her ballad was definitely a highlight of the evening. And I really enjoyed seeing her in that towel.

Rounding out the girls was Jen Caldwell as Roberta, a dim and ditzy candle hopping teen, Mary Kraft as a slap happy Donna, and Tim Stoltenberg as the Puritanical Tammy - the conscience of the squad. All three shine on stage, and contribute to a tight ensemble.

Chip Loveridge (Ummm, okay) as Rick was hilarious. His jocko-dummy portrayal was great, he was fun to watch and a great dancer.

Doyle Reynolds as Mr. Greenfelt was a bit disturbing, I have to say. He was wonderfully creepy and goofy all at the same time. You had to feel sorry for him, while at the same time shudder to think about what he does in the privacy of his sportstore.

And the rest of the guys were definitely the comic highlight of the show. Z Gillespe is terrific as Mr. Hardwick, the Candle store owner, yet shines as "The Roustabout". I love random appearances by beer drinking cowboys, so I was happy. Dan Triandaflo consistently cracks me up, and was terrific as the hormone crazed footballer, the smarmy tennis player and the absolutely revolting, taco eating Senor Bradley. And Steven Emanuellson, what can be said, except that I am so happy that theaters keep finding a way to highlight this mans, umm, ass-ets...

My only complaint was that we could have used an intermission. Other than that, I was thouroughly entertained from the first moan to the climax of the show. Go and see this show!!!


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