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Bell, Book, and Candle, by John Van Druten
Two thumbs down
Saturday, October 30, 2004
I figured with such mixed reviews, i would check this "halloween" fare out. If you haven't gotten tickets yet, are debating about seeing this show, and think this might be a good idea - go find something else to do instead (for much less). Community theatre or not - I would expect that for $20 seat, a 25 yr old theatre would produce better theatre. Bad set (I disagree with the reviewer who said this was a great set - puhleeze!!! cheap, lame, uninspired). Good costumes. Bad script. And the acting? Eric R. - dreadful. Complete overacting. Too young for the part. Shawna Tucker - not right for the part. Bland, austere, lacking in any sex appeal (am I the only one who has seen the film?? A bombshell was cast in the lead in the film, a femme fatale, sensual Kim Novak!! bad casting, very bad!). Coco Chalfant - good - definitely better than most. Charles Green I enjoyed quite alot. I would like to see him in more. He definitely brought some oomph to an otherwise flat play. Jason Vaughn - he does have potential. He does have appeal. He fits the time period well. But he is also an actor with some very bad habits. No chemistry between he and Ms Tucker, I agree. In fact, I was repulsed by their amorous scenes. No one except for Mr green and Ms Chalfant (most of the time) seemed to commit to their actions or their vocalities to the full 100%. May I also say, bad form for actors to be seen in character clothes outside the theatre out of character? I used to live in Chicago - fabulous theatre for the most part. Very well trained actors - community theatre or not. I don't appreciate spending $40 on untrained actors and bad theatrics.

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