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Better than MOST community theater...let alone High School
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
I have attended quite a few shows @ Canton, Onstage, Kudzu, Dad's, etc. and have to say the current run of CHICAGO @ North Springs IS very well done.

I would even go so far as to say that it surpasses most community theater...I never thought that I would say that of a High School production even one @ a Performing Arts Magnet school. The direction of Steve Young (Sky Flims) was excellent...I have also seen INTO THE WOODS and LES MISERABLES @ NSHS and while they had a few standout performers the shows themselves were merely ok. One can only wonder what heights they could have reached with a real director. CHICAGO is on another the way I saw GA Perimeter's version last year and it was not even close to this production.

Paige Anderson as Velma was incredible. She is able to express the strength and edge of Velma while still being vunerable and desperate. I have always considered Velma to be likeable even in her nastiness...I also saw the Broadway Tour when it was @ the Fox and thought that Brenda Braxton played Velma way too vunerable it made her come across as weak. The stage comes alive when Paige is on it. Her voice is rich and inviting.

Stephanie Friedman was equally strong..which she needed to be so that she wasn't overpowered by Paige. Stephanie is a wonderful actor who understands the performance is in the details..the facial expressions the attitude and the inflection. She also commands the stage and has great comedic timing. I love love love...I am My Own Best Friend & We Both Reached For the Gun. The girls have great chemistry together and sound wonderful together.

The entire show was well cast.

Well worth the $10 @ the door verses community theater of $12-$20...I don't mind paying for local theater...just don't want to feel cheated..and you won't if you go see CHICAGO.

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