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Into the Woods, by Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine
I was extremely impressed
Saturday, November 13, 2004
Before i say anything... i will state: I am a recent North Springs Alumnus receiving a magnet seal from the performing arts program. With that being said...
I saw one of the rehersals a few weeks ago... they didn't know their lines, not knowing the songs. After coming back to see it... I saw a huge improvement. Being in short deadlines like that, its hard... but the cast pulled it off.. BRAVO!
Mr. Jarrett: Directing was unique as usual, and of course... you leave the actors plenty of independence to play around with the character. Not always a smart choice. I thought the portrayals of every character was very good. Brian Cook and Zach Safford were good at portraying their pompous characters. Paige, always was and still is amazingly talented. Sarah Davidson amazing as usual, you played your character well. Jana, good, but typical (nothing srong with that). Gwen, amazing job.. you have worked a buttload (it shows!). Caleb, you were fantastic job. You have bloomed as a performer and you are doing great. Kaleigh, Kristen, Ashley, you ladies did great too. The Cow, honestly you annoyed me. As a cow you were good, but your "moos" were inapproriate at many times. Francisco, great job dude, you played the narrator well. Annie, good job, but you could have played it more annoyingly. Kid who played Jack, you blew me away, you were fantastic.
I am saying it as I saw it. You all did a fantastic job. I thoroughly enjoyed it... Oh AIKENS! Props to you and your homies on the set. Unreal set reality. I think ya'll know me now. Peace... I'm outta here!

Murder and Stranger Things
by John Babcock
Agathas: A Taste of Mystery

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