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Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens
Don't Miss This Show!
Monday, December 13, 2004
The word for this show is WOW! Cobb studios has changed. While in Marietta, Cobb was known for consistently turning out lower quality shows, with a great show popping up from time to time. Since their move to Acworth, their standards seem to have gone up. The three free summer shows were great fun even if there were some sound issues (outdoor shows), and the first dramatic offering, To Kill A Mockingbird, received excellent reviews.
I went to Christmas Carol with hope. I hoped I'd see a good show. I saw an amazing show! The set is not great, but once those lights go out it doesn't matter. Rather than using only one person,it's the ensemble, distinctive in their red scarves, that narrate the show. From the booming "Marley was dead" opening, this show grabs the audience. And doesn't let go, if the standing ovation the cast recieved is any indication.
While I know that it takes everone involved to make a great show, I'd like to mention a few standouts.
First, Rob Hardie, as Scrooge, gives a brilliant performance. Watching his cold and distant Scrooge crack under a flood of memories and emotions was touching in it's rawness and power. Andy Leach portrayed several characters throughout the show, but it was his Marley that litteraly had you gripping your seat. He is a combination of brute strength and fury. I have seen many Marleys. This one is terrifying. Daniel van Heil and Jessica Unker were delightful as Fred/Young Scrooge and Abby/Belle. Susan Brown was all white and shimmering mischief and laughter as she capered across the stage as Christmas Past. And speaking of shimmering, Christmas Present was a glory of glitter and mirth. Lani Brooks is phenomenal as the very forceful and very female Present. The double Futures, also played by Brown and Brooks, were extremely creepy. Did I mention the haunting voices coming from everywhere? And the entire Cratchit family really seemed like a family. The funeral scene devestating because of the family grief.
The only negative thing I can say about this show it that it only has one weekend left. With all the Christmas shows out there this season, people have to make choices. This one is worth choosing.

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