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Urinetown: The Musical, by Mark Hollman and Greg Kotis

Sunday, October 2, 2005
The show was really funny. Great script and music.

Lawrence McEvoy as Lockstock was hilarious and he really captured the sense of the play and character.
Stephanie Friedman was great as Little Sally as well. She played a very good child without being incredibly annoying, which is hard. She also had a standout voice in the cast. I wish she sang more.
David Olson's Bobby Strong was very innocent and I enjoyed the way it was played.
Jana Fruchtman as Mrs. Strong was hilarious, her wit is very enjoyable to watch.
Sarah Jones as Hope was good but I would have liked to have seen her played a little more on the ditzy, light hearted side. Great voice, just needs a little more support on the high notes. other than that, it was a great job.
Max Flick as Cladwell was REALLY well sung. He just didn't seem evil enough to me.
Alex Engquist was hilarious as Officer Barrel. The face he makes during "We're Not Sorry" is priceless.
Kaleigh Malloy as Mrs. Pennywise was very well acted. There were some points at which i would rather her belt than switch up to her head voice but her acting was outstanding.
Sarah May as Little Becky Two Shoes was also outstanding. Her energy was amazing and she was very beautiful.

The dancing within the company was awesome. The one thing i would say against the dancing would be the fact that the companies singing gets weakend to the point of not being able to understand them.


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