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Annie, by Martin Charnin
Thursday, May 5, 2005
I have been apart of this company since I was a 10th grader. I'm now in college and have been able to expeirence a different world and life of the theatre. I agree with you that the show had it's fault's no show is perfect. But as I was reading I noticed that you said that some need vocal and acting lessons. The thing is CCT is a theatre company but it's also a family. When kids, or teens want to audition we let them in wether they are talented or not it doesn't matter to us. That's what makes us a family... We aren't a theatre company where you have to be perfect or as talented as some theatre companies, CCT is a chance for you to step out of your box and expeirence life and the world of theatre. Some of the youth that was involed in this show yes want to make a carrer in this, so yes they should take themselves to outside lessons. But CCT is to have fun, and yes we are there to put on a show, but thats not what we're ALL about.

I was an audience member and I myself enjoyed it. Like I said before I think there was it's faults but all shows have that. This was I think one of CCT best, but I would have to agree with that it is a 3.5 out of a 5. There was some technical and performance faults, but then I look and see the emotion they have behind it and the love for theatre and CCT and (me watching it 3 times) came to tears every show because of seeing that.

While I was reading some more I noticed that you blutly told Ben (Daddy Warbucks) that he didn't hit his notes very well. I think that was rude and uncalled for. He is 18 and if you read his bio he clearly stated that this was his first big role as an actor/ singer. And for you to just crush someone like that was immature. You could of stated that in a more polite way and still make your point across even IF he was so called "asking for it." For you to call you self a critic, you don't say stuff like that, there is a matture and more positive approach. I personally don't know Ben at all, but I thought he did a fine job, seeing how this was his first big role.

Thank you for you time.

*It was good to see so many talented people on the stage. Thomas you made me laugh!

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