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Crimes of the Heart, by Beth Henley
Another great show at the Holly
Saturday, May 21, 2005
I saw the show on Friday night and I really enjoyed it. I know that Colleen is on her second of her run of directing three shows...and she did great. It has been a while since I sat back in a show and I just fell in love with the characters. This show had so much heart to it. You could tell that the cast got along with one another really well and just loved being on stage together. I felt that the casting of the show was spot on. The sisters could not have been better cast, from their looks to all that blonde hair.

I will start off with Chick. Therena Cook does a great job with this character. I thought it was great that the audience was cheering when she was beaten off stage with a broom. What better compliment for a "bad guy" in a show! When the audience applauds your know you have them. Her gossipy nature came across very naturally and as an audience member I loved hating her :)

Next Jamie Fambrough, I thought was wonderful with the small part that he did have. Although he only appears on stage in two scenes, you really have a good grasp of his character, Doc Porter. His limp and his southern accent are spot on and he has such a soothing and calming demeanor. It's funny...this is the second time I have seen this guy limping on the Holly stage...perhaps he should add to his resume under the special qualifications category: "walks with a limp".

John King has really moved up the ranks at the Holly with his portrayal of Barnett Lloyd. He has quite a stage presence and pulls the "fresh out of law school" attitude really well. I am happy to see him getting some good roles at the Holly. I hope he will continue to do performances with them in the future.

Kerry Rosewall played the part of Lenny McGrath. I really enjoyed watching her on stage. She really made me feel sorry for her. I could just feel her ulcers burning every time she began worrying. She was so caring and matronly and bless her...all the other characters just walk all over her in this play. I was so happy for her when she finally called Charlie.

Charity White played the childlike "almost-killer" Babe. I found myself wondering what happened to her character when she was younger. Given the way that she played Babe, it seemed to me that she had some sort of trauma in her childhood. I felt that when she was recounting the events leading up to the shooting of her husband that she really was hurt the most by seeing Willie J being hurt by her husband Zachary. Charity was so "Donna Reed" on stage in her little heels and pin curls. I really enjoyed her performance.

Lastly, but not least by any means was Brooke Adams playing the part of Meg. Brooke just lights up the stage when she enters. From my understanding Brooke has only had one other major role in her time on stage. I am so impressed with her ability to take a character on paper and make it into such a three dimensional and believable person. She was absolutely fantastic and I really want to see her do more shows at the Holly.

For the negative...two things...number one: I didn't like the choice or rather the innuendo that Meg slept with Doc Porter. I didn't feel that Doc would have done that. I felt that he cared too much for his wife and children to have a one night stand with Meg. The other was that some of the pauses in the phone conversations were a little short. Phone calls can be a difficult thing to pull off convincingly...and a couple of times it seemed that the calls were more monologues that a conversation with someone else on the other line. Other than that great job you guys. I REALLY ENJOYED IT!!!!!

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