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The Boy Friend, by Sandy Wilson
The Boy Friend
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
"The Boy Friend" will not have you on the edge of your seat and hanging on every word. "The Boy Friend" will have you relaxing and enjoying the efforts of a very good cast. The voices are very good but the dancing is wonderful. I am a expert at knowing how NOT to dance and that makes me a expert at watching and enjoying talented people doing what I never could. This is not high drama it is what it is meant to be, a evening of good clean healthy fun for the entire family. Remove the kids from in front of the TV or their video games and have a family treat at ACT1,hurry it won't last forever.

Little Shop of Horrors, by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken
Little Shop Of Horrors
Sunday, March 16, 2008
Often times the second night of a show is a little flat because of tech week and all the stress that can come with that, This was not the case at Kudzu. My wife and I found the cast to be really on top of their roles. Jerry Harlow has put together a topnotch cast and crew, there are no weak performers in this cast. Lora Jacobs is perfect for the role of Audrey and Reed Higgins is everything that you could wish to find for Seymour. The music, the acting and evreything and everyone involved made for a wonderful evening. Try not to miss this show.

A Christmas Story, by Jean Shepherd
A Christmas Story
Tuesday, December 18, 2007
My wife and I saw the performance on Sunday and we were charmed by the show. Several years ago a movie was made from this script or vice versa but the movie fell short of this production. Rebecca Coffee did a wonderful job of casting and directing this production, she had insight into an era that was before her time and she has put in little touches that bring back memories of a time when we were more inocent. Little boys grown old will find a warm inner glow and a tear in their eyes from seeing so many of their own experiences relived in front of them on stage. I broke up in the first scene when the mother served oatmeal, not the instant kind, but the old fashoned, stick to your ribs and anything else oatmeal. I could name all the actors in this show and praise them for a great job, but that would just make this review longer and I don't type or spell that well(as you can see) so I will just say try to not miss this wonderfully entertaining and heart warming show.

TEACHERS, the Musical!, by Robin Seidman
Teachers the Musical
Sunday, August 12, 2007
My wife and I saw this show during the first week and I reccomend it to everyone who enjoys a good laugh and has any memories of how we behaved while in elementary school. Robin Seidman has written a very funny show and David Reeb (beer spelled backwards)has composed a score that compliments the show nicely. The cast is excellent with Brian Gamel as "Satans Spawn" truly frightening, Barry Hopkins is perfect as Principal Sludge who is scared of children, Aliya Hutcheson as Chrissy Colins the idealistic novice teacher, Angela McCulloch the grizzeled old veteran teacher who is looking to retire, Justin Speck delivers cookies to the teachers break room and has a fine vioce. Last but in no way least is Joyce Puscas as Doris the school clerk who steals the show. Let every one be advised that this lady is tallented in many ways, she is a very pretty lady ,but you would never know because she can do so much with facial expressions, I think she may be like Lon Chaney and have a thousand faces. You may ask why I gave a 4 and the reason is that some of the lines were hard to hear and I am sure they will project more strongly next
week. If my spelling is bad, I can't find spellchek.
Bill Mann

Oklahoma, by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Oklahoma is a lot more than OK
Sunday, July 16, 2006
Having never done this before I'm sure my spelling etc will amuse most readers, but here goes. I have just seen "Oklahoma" at Big Top and it is the best production I have ever seen in community theater period. I have never seen so many happy audience members in my life. They were excited and a number were ready to buy season tickets for the upcomming season. The fact that my wife Gloria is on the Board of Directors of Big Top has nothing to do with my review, I would say the same about any production that this way about. The cast is excellent and tallented beyond belief. If I send in a review I will always sign my name.Getting back to the show, I loved every moment of it and its easy to see why they have had six sellouts and more comming.Thanks to the cast for a truly uplifting evening. I am Bill Mann and I say make your reservations now before all the performances are sold out.

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