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The Butterfly Scroll, by Book by Misty Simmons, Lyrics by Jennifer Simmons, Music by Scott simmons
very entertaining
Friday, July 22, 2005
I debated whether or not to actually write a review of this show, because I do know a lot of the actors involved, and have for several years. But even though the house was full when I went, I don't think enough people saw this show, and I wanted people to know what they missed.
While I agree the story was very weak, there were moments of true comedic brilliance, especially if one knows the actors and/or writers personally... and the music was incredible! While some of the songs are a little longer than a typical musical, they are so well done and so entertaining, it's not an issue. I will have to agree with "Molly" that the chemistry between Edward and Alexandra (played by Michael Strelecki and Jennifer Simmons) was stunning! Both actors lead the show captivating and stunning the audience with their performances, leaving you wanting more. Their final exit should probably be the ending of the show, because the energy and interest drops dramatically when they leave.
Lani Leach is hilarious as the queen, as well as Andy Leach as Jack- again both of who have been mentioned in other review(s). One notable performance that has not been commented on however is Alli Simpson as the mother. While I agreed that the family was a distracting presence in the show, Ms. Simpson's performance is hysterical and provides the over-the-top, comic relief when the queen is not onstage.
"I Want It All" beautifully sung by Michael Strelecki, was probably my favorite song in the show, especially when coupled with the farcical interplay of the bar wenches and sidekick, Jack. However, never in my life have I heard a vocal talent like that of Scott Simmons, who played Prince Adam. The control that man has of his voice, and the range, are unbelievable unless heard for one's self. "Something's Gotta Give" gives chills and brings tears to your eyes simply from the clarity and richness of the notes he achieves. There were no bad singers in this show. The talent gathered on this one stage was remarkable!
The sets and props were virtually non-existent, childish almost, in direct contrast to the costumes and performances. This is where the show needs the most work. But when I go to a show, one that I have never seen and know nothing about, and walk out singing songs from the show wishing I knew the words better because "I just can't stop singing them;" I know I've been entertained. Kudos to the writers and performers for putting together a truly wonderful, entertaining experience. I wish the run had lasted longer, so more of you would have the opportunity to see this.

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