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Bye Bye Birdie, by Michael Stewart (book), Lee Adams (lyrics), and Charles Strouse (music)
Opening Night......
Friday, July 18, 2008
Last night I saw the opening of Bye Bye Birdie at the Southside Theatre Guild in Fairburn. Great theatre, friendly and great people. On a whole the production was done well. The set of the MacAfee house was built to perfection by Roger Johnson (and crew). As always Roger, great job. The only thing I will mention that may need some adjusting is the lighting in some scenes. This is not a jab but maybe something that can be corrected during the run of the show. At times the lighting was a little dark and I had difficulty seeing some of the actors faces. The music was supplied by a live band headed up by Jerry Mathis (sorry if spelled wrong). What can can I tell you, if Jerry is behind the music you know it is going to sound good and indeed it did. I was also happy to see that the cast was "mic'd". This made it easy to hear the vocals clearly. I also wanted to mention a few standout performances. The role of Albert was played by Johnny May. Johnny has great stage presence and is well in his element in this role. His movement and comedic timing was excellent. Johnny, well done! Another perfomance I wanted to mention was Bert Lyons as Harry MacAfee. One of my favorite moments in the play is when Harry finds out he is going to appear on the Ed Sullivan show with his family. He kept me and the audience lauging throughout the scene. He picked it right back up when he was on TV and couldn't keep from getting his mug in front of the camera. Funny stuff Bert! Finally, Ursula. (I am sorry I do not have a program in front of me and her name does not appear on the cast list on this site.) From the time she appears on stage to the time she leaves the stage she is constantly lighting it up. Talk about being on all the time and playing every little moment...she does and does it well!! Great work.

Thank you for the performance.

Damn Yankees, by
Good Job
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
I had an opportunity to see Damn Yankees at the Southside Theatre Guild and I had a great time. I enjoyed many of the performances including, Tommy McDaniel as Applegate, Maureen McDaniel as Lola, Dina Schwam as Meg and Andrew Pucket as Young Joe. The ensemble of baseball players were very enjoyable to watch as well. The set was simple and worked well with movable and turntable type pieces. The bright red of the baseball uniforms looked great against the backdrop of the stage. If you get a chance go down to the Southside Theatre Guild and enjoy Damn Yankees.

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