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I Hate Hamlet, by Paul Rudnick

Sunday, July 24, 2005
So after weeks of contemplating on whether or not I should review this production I finally have decided to sit down and do it. I did not rate this show because I do not know what I am comparing it too.

Agreeing with everyone else’s review R.J Allen was quite good. Having just stepped off of Great Expectations, R.J took the time to work specific moments in the script and in his character’s history including specific relationships with each and every character. His final monologue was beautifully divided into beats that kept my eyes focused on him.

Another fine performance I felt was given by Kate Dougherty who played Lillian, the agent. She had a well developed past with one of the key characters and I enjoyed watching that come alive on stage.

Bill Mann as Barrymore defiantly held his own. He was nice to watch. He was funny at some moments. Reminded me I was at a community theatre show (which is not a bad thing as we know, for I believe Bill to be one of the better regular actors not seen enough at Cobb Playhouse)

Next we go to the actress playing Dierdre. Sigh* Her vocal quality made me want to….well….laugh. Given the character Dierdre was from the west coast it was appropriate to bring out the valley girlish sounds we so often heard come from Jacob’s mouth but AHHHHH must it go on for an entire two hour show? I also did not believe, due to Jacob’s character choices, that this was a girl who believed in abstinence.

Adam Johnson was…weird. I didn’t really understand him. In all honesty I found myself confused when either him or Jacob’s came on stage.

Minor things- Sword fight was slow, speed it up to look real or don’t use it(perhaps because the space was so crammed the actors were afraid?). Blocking was bad at times, go back to the basics, cheat out and project your voice. Too many blackouts. Need more fadeouts instead (half the time I thought the play was over because of this-could be the scripts fault but…).

Oh Cobb Playhouse, what will you think of next?

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