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Oklahoma, by Rodgers and Hammerstein
Not enough bang for the buck$$$
Thursday, July 13, 2006
Big Top has done really fine. For a non-professional group at the helm, Wow.
But that non-professional, non educated, school of hard knocks know how, does come out in the production value. The value of college educations in the arts, theatre and drama in the leadership of a theatrical outfit does benefit not only the production quality but the audience. Don't get me wrong this show was very entertaining but when you charge admission that comes close to professionl companies' admissions, then the audience should get at least a semi-professional presentation.
The saving grace to this company is the talent and commitment of Rob Hadaway. He is funny, graceful, and his past professional career has afforded him a knowledge and expertise that shows in his work. This show has Rob's hand in it but the fact that he was not at the helm shows. The cast did not gel. Everybody did their own thing. There was not an ensemble cohesive feeling to the presentation. It looked like the director was merely a summer intern at the position. If this was his first try at directing it may have been better to start with a less complicated production. The director's lack of professionalism showed big time.
The show was like a church or school play but with thoses shows when you pay your money you know that it helps your school or church. I don't know who is benefiting by those high admission fees for community theatre but I was with 7 people and along with the expense on fuel from Midtown and admission we felt cheated. For the quality it should have cost $8 not $18.
Not enough bang for the buck

The Story, by Tracey Scott Wilson
yes really well done
Thursday, June 15, 2006
although Theatre in the Square seems preoccupied with showcasing African American actors, this production transends black, white, blue or green.
I have been wondering how the box is faring and the performance that I attended was thin and that's a shame because altogether the production gelled and conveyed a simple but profound message. Kudos

The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare
What a show, I laughed, I cried!
Sunday, January 8, 2006
It is with great admiration that I extend a warm congrats to the performers and direction of a sometimes slow show to attend. This was not slow, or fast or anything but just right. I was surprised to see a community theater regular in the cast. That's what community theater is about, working on your craft, learning and growing. I saw a good show and I would be happy to see it again.

A Little Princess, by Adapted By: Gay Grooms
Now that's a good children's show!
Sunday, January 8, 2006
The best thing about youth performers is a freshness and openness that audiences truly enjoy because it looks like the kids are having a good time and that's what community theater for kids is suppose to be about.
Having recently been in an audience for a holiday staple I was starting to loose faith in community theater. Thanks Kudzu for revitalizing that. You know a simple set gave the stage to the actors and the actors came thru and what was best is that unlike some of the adult actors in other kid's show I saw no adult tried to upstage the kids and everyone had a good time. Kudos! this show was worth the drive otp.

Annie Warbucks, by Thomas Meehan, music by Charles Strouse, lyrics by Martin Charnin
The things you do for friends
Tuesday, January 3, 2006
I usually try to keep away from this theater, especially after Footloose, but with the wonderful production of Quilters, I gave it another chance.
Since some Quilters cast were involved I packed up the visiting children, well teens and trekked otp, which for us is a haul. Unfortunately, I had not realized that the daddy was the same guy that I have seen in too many shows at that theater and he is not very slick. He needs to keep his day job, but I must admit that last year as Scrooge he was very good and that show had a flavor that no other has had at that theater, it was very professional and only Quilters came close. Annie Warbucks was too amatuer and the Annie was too big and not believable. She seemed not to want to be in the play. It looks like Mr. Hardie has a bit too much imput in the theater and it is not helping the reputation and is keeping the shows down and cheap looking. Please let's get some fresh faces, with more professionalism. Thanks to the music director/actor the show had some life but not enough for the admission. Cheap looking shows should be cheaper in admission price.

Quilters, by Molly Newman and Barbara Damashek
this was great, kudos to the fine women involved
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
You know the last show I saw at this theater was a little strange and misdirected so coming way out here for 'Footloose'was almost a reason to skip this show but am I glad that I got talked into this one.

What a winner.
Sometimes the voices faltered on the younger women but that was just from inexperience and did not detract from the show. it almost gave a sense of the character and it was sweet. Well let me tell you the audience was thin and those who missed this really missed a great show and if it wasn't for a friend I would not have known that this play was scheduled out here.

The set was so simple but lovely and the music was beautiful.
Ms. Lynch was on top of things and Mandy was inspiring. It takes true commitment to present such a challenging play but Amanda showed great developing skills in her directing and I hope that she continues to work in metro Atlanta but hopefully in the city so the trip to see her work isn't so long. I have to say with gas at these prices this Acworth theater is off of my list. It must be 40 miles out. I want to thank the cast for a job well done.

Rocky Horror Show, by Richard O' Brien
4 almost a 5
Wednesday, September 28, 2005
well i had had a dry spell with some pretty cheesy performances but this was truly refreshing. Sometimes when the actors don't take themselves too seriously but take their work quite seriously a good time can be had by all, both actors and audience. It was a good chuckle, and rousing good performances by the entire cast. The choreography was great and stage presence of each and every member was outstanding. I almost gave it a 5 but 4 gives it a nod with room for improvement. The only lackluster contribution was the lighting but it may have been my angle to the stage. Wow what a show!!!Thanks to all involved you all worked very hard. I am trying to get 3 more tickets to take my teenage son and daughter when they visit next week.

Footloose, by Dean Pitchford. Music by Tom Snow, Kenny Loggins, Sammy Haggar & others
very nice, the show was worth the drive to Cobb county
Friday, August 12, 2005
I do not get over to that side of the world much but this show was worth the trip. The little theater in what looks like a conversion of a store front is really pretty but the actual stage location is kind of strange. You enter on top of the stage and there were some jutting out parts of the stage that I saw several people get snagged on. Other than that I can say that the talent on this stage was very nice. The voices were good and the mom and dad/preacher were convincing. You could just see their angst for their daughter. I was told that the Rusty character is a regular at this theater. Good for her, she has a very nice voice that has potential. The closing was a little rough but the the two young men in the leads made up for that with great spirit.
Good job.

The Man Who Came to Dinner, by Kaufman & Hart
pleasant surprise
Friday, August 12, 2005
On opening night usually everyone had the confidence of seasoned professionals and the show was laugh out loud. Each performer seemed really focused and with comedy sometimes that comes off stiff but well done. The sets were litte sad and sometimes the stage was too dark, refering to not enough well distributed light but it may have been the angle I was sitting since I was off to the side. My group of friends also enjoyed this show and we hope it has success.

Fiddler on the Roof, by Joseph Stein
disappointed in director
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Fiddler is a long standing staple around town, and has been recently done at other venues and is usually good, but this time as 3 hour show I was surprised.
The gentleman that played the lead was good but he did not seem to fit with the cast. After reading that he has done this role 5 times I was not surprised but I think this review falls all on the director. It seems that she cast who ever was available and not who fit the role or who's voices blended well. The fruma costume was last minute, or it looked like it and what was with the mardi gras beads. I had heard some nice things about Act 1 and the most disappointing was that for $15 they put on a high school play not quality community theatre.
The show was fine but overpriced for a few dollars more people in Atlanta can see professional work or at least work where the director worked to match characters. Motel was too old and too many of the cast were not acting they were just delivering lines and that is not theatre.

Damn Yankees, by
pacing is everything
Monday, July 25, 2005
So sorry to have to say this but "damn". The Guild has a beautiful facility and it looked like some of the cast was trying really hard but the show missed the mark. Yankees is a long show so pacing is everything, scene changes with curtains closing adds many minutes that need to not be there and breaking the 4th wall when the audience can't see or hear makes the show choppier. The "devil" was very good and entertaining and Lola tried hard but she missed on the sexy. She seemed tense and maybe the lights were hitting her wrong but she seemed to be singing to the rafters not the audience. But she is a very pretty girl and has a pleasant voice, she just seemed uncomfortable with the role.I hope to see her in something more suited to her talents. There were some lights on the speakers that were very distracting, maybe because of wiring issues they had to be on but it was not good. The men's chorus was a little tired and the number with Gloria seemed to drag on and on but the young man "Bryan" was really good. He is young but seems to really enjoy theatre and it shows. He looked good and was very active in all of his scenes, that's always nice, looking like you want to be there and are having a good time. The lost souls scene was nice, good touch with the fog but red lights under the fog would give a more helly look, it looked like clouds and i thought that they didn't go up and the flash pots were a nice touch too. I wish the Guild good luck with their future shows but the slow entrances/exits and dialoge really hurt this show.

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The Gift: An Aris Christmas
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