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I Hate Hamlet, by Paul Rudnick

Saturday, July 30, 2005
I was happy to find that a theatre around ATL was putting on "I hate Hamlet". A few years ago before I moved to the city I was in the show myself- as Andrew. Cobb Playhouse seemed pretty nice once I walked in the theatre, but when I walked into the auditorium I was shocked. The seats were old and torn up and the set was very bare and looked thrown together. Do they even have a set designer??? The floor was scruffed up with paint and rips in the floor- i found it very distracting. The audience only had a mere dozen or so people there- do they even have publicity to get an audience to see the show? I hear the theatre has a reputation of not having big audiences for some shows. It amazed me to see they had a 4 week run- I wonder how the cast feels having to run a show that long and not have an audience.
Acworth is a cute place to have the theatre, but maybe they should have selected an area not by a train track! The train went by at least two times and distracted the actors, and I had to really strain to hear dialogue. But...what can you do?
I'll quit my babbling and talk about the show.

Andrew and Felicia enter. I immediately became distracted by Felicia's accent. It was obvious she was trying to do a new-york accent and could not get it right. As a rule of acting- if you can't do an accent right and keep it consistant- Don't do one at all!

Because I played Andrew, I noticed the actor playing Andrew ad-libed a LOT of lines. He would say the lines but add extra, un-needed dialogue throughout the show. I know he was probably "in the moment" and wanted to seem more "in the moment", but the author wrote what he wrote for a purpose...actors just need to make it work.

Dierdre was cute and bubbley but the actess should have had better development for her character and divided her lines and speeches into beats to better understand what was going on in the scene as she seemed confused and just blew through some of her lines.

Barrymore seemed confussed or something onstage. Maybe he was trying to remember his lines? He did well,tho..funny at some moments but blew off some of his jokes- he should be the funniest character in the show- but a lot of the jokes were lost.

The actress playing Lillian did well but sometimes spoke too softly and seemed to lack energy.

The actor playing Gary had a good voice and presence as the character, but he lacked focus. He struck me as a goofy friend and not a Hollywood Director. Some of his jokes were lost too.

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