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Nicely Done!
Saturday, July 30, 2005
It is always a pleasure visiting STG. The theatre is very nice in downtown fairburn, and I always enjoy their shows.

They best singing voice in my opinion was.....the ensemble. They all blended so well and seemed to have fun singing and dancing onstage. I loved the baseball players..however, a few of them were too young and scrawny to be ball players. Their dance was long and well choreographed but some of the actors seemed to fall behind the more experienced dancers.

The voices that really stood out to me were the actors playing Lola and Meg. Their voices were really focused and seemed more natural than some of the other actors. Young Joe struggled to hit the high notes- he seems more comfortable in a lower register. When he attempted the high notes he would sometimes go flat and his voice would waver. He also made a funny face as he tried to hit the notes- his mouth would open as far as it could and it looked as if his eyes were going to fall out of his head.

The actor playing the coached seemed to speak-sing his lines. He was a very funny actor, tho.

Applegate was smug and charming. He spoke too softly sometimes- but he had great presence onstage.

The costumes and set were great. Costumes very well put together and set was very moveable and set changes ran very smoothly.

I think STG is an amazing community theatre. We need more of those around the atlanta area. Great job STG! Another great show.....keep them coming!

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