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Footloose, by Dean Pitchford. Music by Tom Snow, Kenny Loggins, Sammy Haggar & others

Sunday, August 21, 2005
I guess I didn't see the same show everyone else did. When I was in the audience all I could do was feel sorry for them. The ensemble as a whole had a good sound, but the dances were never together. Now for the leads.

Grant McGowen as REN was just.. well. Bad. The jumps would have made sense if they weren't in random places and if he had the breath support to keep the music sounding strong. Acting was weak. One thing to his advantage was that he was definately a looker.

Jamie Link as ARIEL was also miscast. Her voice didn't fit the part and on top of that she couldn't project at all. The one time she used a microphone is the only time you could truly hear her. That was totally out of place and didn't fit the show either.

Emily Dillson as RUSTY. She was awkward the whole time in the trio. I believe she had a decent voice and could really belt but the other two girls were just as good and could be sexy. She just seemed awkward and her acting was as well.

The adults were awesomw. The only aduly I had a problem with was Michael Shikany. When I came to the show, he came in to early on a song and then started laughing. Rediculous.

All in All the show looked really unfinished and really needed new people and about and years worth of rehearsal. That is my unbiased true review.

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