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Footloose, by Dean Pitchford. Music by Tom Snow, Kenny Loggins, Sammy Haggar & others
Not sure what to think.
Sunday, August 28, 2005
Well, overall the singing as an ensemble was the best part of the show. All of the voices and energy as a whole was great. I believe the musical direction and choreography of the ensemble held the show together. The individual singing, direction, etc. is another story.

I first want to point out a moment in the show that absolutley pissed me off. I came closing night, and the actress playing Ariel totally broke character, missed her last solo line, and blurted out laughing after she flubbed up. Totally unprofessional. Throughout the whole show she seemed to not really care about the show. She seemed to breeze through her lines without any real emotion, etc. and seemed, frankly, quite bored/boring onstage. It is weird to think this girl was in the lead female role when she acted like this and also was very hard to hear her at all..acting or singing. She was very quiet and could not project. Her words were jumbled and hard to understand at points. One of her three onstage friends prob. would have been more passionate towards the role of Ariel.

Ren was very cute and fun to watch. Although his singing needs a bit of work..he seemed to speak-sing the songs. I never really was impressed with his songs.

Willard was hillarious and fun to watch. He truly showed me he was a shy, dumb, love-struck southern teenager. He looked like he had a lot of fun singing and dancing. Good job, Willard.

Rusty could belt out her notes, but their wasn't really any consistancy and she should work on the clarity of her words. Singing was better than her acting.

The direction of the show did not impress me. Did the director even work with any of the characters? SOME characters were ok...prob. because of the talent of the actor, but some characters made bad choices, or no choices at all. Where was the director?

The teenage ensemble as a whole was good. They all looked like they had fun. The show was better than I had expected...the teens really made the show with their energy and love for the show- it showed through.

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