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Holiday Harvest, by James Beck and David Fischer
Fun Holiday Show
Friday, December 16, 2016
Holiday Harvest is a run two-for show with plays by David Fisher and James Beck.

First up is the play of David Fisher, Arroyo Mortiferro in which a wife has promised her husband that for a year after their retirement, they can do whatever he wants.

Steve Pryor is especially lively in this piece and it is his enthusiasm that drives the humor.

Paige Steadman brings a steady hand to the direction here and keeps her actors focused on the prize.

David Fisher has especially funny moments, especially if you know that he is the playwright and know him at all personally.

The second piece, by James Beck, Lead Role, is the story of a man who has decided that indeed, attention must be paid. Greg Fitzgerald has one of his strongest acting turns as a man determined to play scrooge in the face of a community theater group where talent is not always the primary consideration.

When a new young actor arrives, the actor must try to keep his balance, but as with all community theater events, when he falls he falls into the arms of compassion. Stacia Sexton has an absolutely hilarious turn as the actor who wants so much to contribute but is shorter on talent than drive.

The evening is a great bargain and worth catching.

Shoe Maker and the Elves, by Brothers Grimm
Shoemaker & Elves @ Center is Funny not Grim(m).
Saturday, November 26, 2005
'The Shoemaker and the Elves' just prooves what kind of great work The Center for Puppetry Arts continues to do. Even if you don't have kids go see it.

The Adaptation is first rate. Really good script, which the performers take to the next level. Nancy Riggs and Aaron Gotlieb move all the puppets (and there are a dozen or more!) and perform all the dialogue. They have great chemistry and both have top comic timing. The result is hilarious.

The shadow puppetry will stun as will Mr. Gotlieb's transformation of an upper crust boston woman. The Dance Sequences and 'go to sleep' sequences are also very funny.

Props to the Stage Manager of this show as well as she does all the Sound FX fills and had great timing as well! There is a dancing Jackhammer scene which will knock your socks off.

The show is about an hour, which for this story is the perfect length, and afterwards, you'll leave thinking "That was great!.. but I could really use a piece of cheese cake". Why? Be there and find out!

9 to 5: The Musical
by Songs by Dolly Parton, Book by Patricia Resnick
Onstage Atlanta, Inc.
The Foreigner
by Larry Shue
Lionheart Theatre Company
9 to 5: The Musical
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Onstage Atlanta, Inc.
August Summer Harvest 2016, The Lakeside Plays
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