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Smoke on the Mountain, by
Smoke on the Mountain
Tuesday, August 8, 2006
Although my husband and I try to get out to the theater whenever we can, we have never been to a religious themed play before and all I can is, Wow, what a great religious experience! I did not realize how much fun a religious show could be. The audience participating as the parishioners was a wonderful concept. There were valuable lessons taught to all throughout the performance that each actor delivered beautifully. The musicians were amazing, the gospel hymns were wonderful and the actors extremely talented. The Aunt stole the show and was an absolute pleasure to watch. It was hard to watch what the other actors were doing sometimes because you couldn't take your eyes off her. Maude and Myrtle were hysterical and the son (twin) was also extremely funny. However, my hat is off to the Reverend and Mrs. Sanders. How they remembered all those scriptures, chapter, verse and all is just amazing. If only every Sunday morning service was this much fun! The only negatives were that the show was quite long and the lights were left on during the performance. I understand why (because the lights are on when you are in church), but sometimes I was distracted by the other audience members. Otherwise, a great experience!

S. H. Fortman

A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens
Entertaining and Enjoyable!
Tuesday, December 6, 2005
I read the other review, which I thought seemed very fair but realized that we all enjoy shows for different reasons and see them in different ways. However, I do want to say that this is only MY personal and humble opinion of the show.

I saw the show this past Saturday evening with my husband and we both really enjoyed it and found it very entertaining. I am not technical by any means so can't comment on the technical aspects of the stage and lights. I was personally amazed though as to how the stage moved around and thought the lighting effects used were impressive.

There were times that I couldn't fully understand Scrooge but it didn't affect the overall performance he gave and I liked the way the actor played the part very much. The narrator seemed to do a good job the night I was there so maybe he slowed down. I enjoyed his ending narration though and thought it very apt and a wonderful conclusion (won’t spoil it for others). Overall, the whole cast seemed to do very well. I enjoyed most of the scenes. They changed so often, how could you get bored? I liked the way the actors used the aisles as it made me feel a part of the show. All three of the ghosts impressed me, (Future was my favorite). I have never seen the part of Christmas Past done by a child before and thought the young lady did a fine job and I could hear her quite well (I did see in the program that they were being played by 2 different girls so not sure who was playing the part that night).

Some of my favorite parts included but were not limited to the party scene/dancing, the Fezziwigs were hysterical and I would have liked to have seen more of them, the two couples – Fred, Mary, Ruth and Topper. I was impressed when I read in the program that the two ladies in those scenes were actually high school students. I thought that Mrs. Cratchit and Bob Cratchit both did an excellent job during their sad scenes as did all the children. Scrooge’s sister dying and the scene when Scrooge and Belle break up were both also very touching. I loved the Mrs. Dilber scene and the scene at Old Joes – both were very funny. Everyone did very well but my favorite part was Jacob Marley. Both my husband and I thought he was fantastic, loved the green light effect and thought he did an awesome job. (Much better job than Alec Guinness in the movie but like I said earlier – just MY personal opinion).

What I disliked the most was that the music before each part of the show was really long and although the carols were very well sang there were quite a lot them. For example at the beginning of the second act you sat in the dark for quite a long time and when the lights finally came up there was a carol sang by a young lady (who had a wonderful voice I hasten to add), but I just wanted the show to get started again. However, the lady sitting next to me commented on how she loved all the carols so who am I to complain. Like I said, we all enjoy shows for different reasons. I loved Carol of the Bells though and that was definitely my favorite carol.

The show we saw was approximately 2 hours and 15 mins long but there was a slightly late start and at least a 20 minute intermission. I thought the ticket price was reasonable but then we just had to pay for the two of us (our kids are grown and gone). I suppose for a family it could be a little pricey, however, the prices are not much different to other theaters in surrounding areas. I loved the show and think it is well worth seeing. As we were leaving the theater, all I could hear were positive comments from other audience members. Remember though, this is only MY personal opinion.

S. H. Fortman

P.S. I too will never look at the word ASSume quite the same again. I am definitely going to add that word to my repertoire.

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