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Zorro: The Curse of Capistrano, by David Richmond (developed by David Richmond/Drew Fracher)--based upon the works of Johnston McCulley
Go see this show!
Friday, January 27, 2006
This is your last weekend! Hurry before you miss it!

I saw Zorro last weekend and was swept off my feet! The show was teriffic - the fight scenes exciting, the male leads were WONDERFUL! How did a new company manage to cast so many strong MEN in their first production?
Chris Goldston played the perfect Zorro - what woman doesn't fall in love with a cute guy in a puffy shirt with an adorable accent?

My other favorites from the cast were:
Marcus Durham (as Friar Felipe)He has such a dreamy voice! The chemistry between him and Zorro is fun to watch unfold. I want to see this guy again on stage. Someone needs to cast him as a romantic lead.

Matt Nitchie(Captain Ramon) This is the guy you love to hate. He is pure evil on stage. Another fabulous actor. He also has really great hair.

Josh Fargason (Sgt. Gonzales) Josh had many opportunities to completely steal the scene- he came close, but he knew when to draw the line. He will crack you up. He's great!

Stephen Jones (Alcalde) -He personified the puppet-head, bumbling idiot-in-charge. He plays a spineless wimp and you will hate him, which is a good thing, because I hear he's actually a nice guy. He too, provided some comic relief, but came closer to stepping over the line on occasion.

Brian Twomey starts off with a bang, and, unfortunately, ends with a bang all too soon. I'd like to see more of him.

Oh, yeah, there were girls in the play, too. They were all great.
Cara Mantella (Luisa Polido)was a joy to watch. I loved her early attitude issues with Goldston.
I think Olivia Sloane's voice was awesome (as it usually is), but I couldn't hear her over the MUSIC. Turn it down!!!
Aside from the music, the only other negative that comes to mind was the smorgasbord of accents. Some folks had em, some didn't. Some started with 'em and lost 'em. I was also a bit confused sometimes by the scene changes and re-use of some actors, but I eventually figured it out.

All in all, a delightful evening. Go see it!

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