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Rimers of Eldritch, by Lanford WIlson
Strangely comfortable with it
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Let me start out with saying that this is one messed up play. ....Now that its been said, I feel I should tell about this production.

In my time, I have never seen another play like this....As screwed up as it all was, I have to say that it was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever experienced being in a theatre. If there is one thing Rimers has a lot of, Its light cues..Which I have to say were ubelievably performed by the Northsprings tech. Whoever says that lighting doesn't have anything to do with it is absolutely insane. Given the confusing stage work presented, with all the repeating scenes and what not, the specific look of it all gave it this EXTREME intensity that I can't recreate in words. On top of that, The acting was top notch. I have seen Max Flick in plays before, and was a little confused to see him in such a minute role in this one, but nevertheless, he made the most of it. There were many actors that I had never seen before that did very well in this show. One that stood out to me was Senior Kayla Fikis, who was amazing. I was incredibly disturbed after meeting her, for she is the such a Sweetheart, But she was such A B@$#$% in that play! I can honestly say I wanted to kill her. Great performance! Also Aaron Brown did Fantastic. Anyone that can entertain a whole audience by himself during a ten minute monologue deserves praise. Sarah May and Caleb Lawton were wonderful together as well. and I really enjoyed the playful family scenes with the "Johnsons". The brother sister relationship between Kayla Fikis and Nick Ozimek was very realistic and fun.

This production was the good.

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