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Oliver!, by Lionel Bart
Saturday, April 1, 2006

I saw the show this past weekend and thought it was fairly good. Some actors stood out because of their acting ability and other for some things that I found annoying.

Fagin(Martin Smith-)completely rocked! The only thing I could say is that he could be a little louder with his songs, but other than that he was amazing.

Nancy(Lani Brooks)-was perfect casting. The chemistry between Nancy and Bill Sykes(Luke Williams) was great.

Oliver(Cassie Morgan Giodano)- Sitting near the back of the theater I could hardly hear her. Though her stage presence was good I could not hear most of what she said.

Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry(Tom Milley and Laura Hattinger)- Very funny, Mr. Sowerberry especially. His expressions are wonderful and the way he acts off of Mrs. Sowerberry makes the scenes with them a pleasure to watch.

Bet(Emily Dillson)- She was decent. She has a good voice but seemed a little awkward on stage, almost like she wasn't sure of what she was supposed to do.

Mr. Bumble(Brad Mangrum)- His character was very funny. He is defiantly a talented actor, but when he sang he sounded off-key to me.

All of the orphans were great. I loved the expressions they had, especially the ones in Fagin's gang.

The ensemble was good too. Most of them had great stage presence especially during "Ompah pah" I realized that during that song everyone is supposed to be drunk, some of the actors looked like they were just there and not like they were drinking and having a good time.

A couple of things that I noticed in "Who Will Buy?" The Roseseller looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Her singing and acting were good, but she had a bug-eyed look throughout the song. She milkmaid could hardly hit the high notes and she looked bored.

I did like the pacing of the show. I usually check the time during a show to see when the intermission will be and I didn't at all during this show. Congratulations everyone. You do put on a pretty good show.

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