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Narnia, by Jules Tasca, with lyrics by Ted Drachman and music by Thomas Tierney

Saturday, August 12, 2006
I had the pleasure of seeing this production on Friday, August 11, and was very surprised by what I saw.
My experience at the Cobb Playhouse has been mixed. I have see shows that were wonderful to shows that should not have ever opened.
This show was very well done. Most of the actors on stage were wonderful, while some probably shouldn't be doing musicals.
A few actors that really stood out to me were Mary Beth Martin as the White Witch, Craig Allan Jones as Mr. Beaver, and Savannah Lowery as Susan. Mary Beth and Savannah both have wonderful singing voices. It was a pleasure to listen to them. Craig Jones, although lacks in singing ability, has wonderful stage presence. To be honest, I found myself watching him on the side just reacting to what was going on in the main scene. Mr and Mrs Beaver(Rebecca Mattox) were funny and fun to watch. But it was Mr Beaver who stole the show.
There were also actors who stood out, not because of there acting and singing ability, but for their lack of. Peter(Jay Martin) I felt couldn't sing. It seemed that he talked through a lot of his solos when the other children were singing theirs. Tumnus(Amanda Whittle) to be honest, sounded like a goat when she sang. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but it did seem like the song was to high for her.
There were also one costume that when I saw I didn't understand. Bill Mann did a wonderful job with the role of Aslan, but his costume did not look like a lion at all. He wore a wig that looked nothing like a mane and his robe was made of ripped up material.
So other than the normal things that happen during a show with children in it, such as dropping character, moving when you are supposed to be frozen, and talking during scene changes, I was very surprised at how well the show turned out. I would recommend this show to anyone.

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