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WORKING - A Musical, by Studs Terkel, Stephen Schwartz, Nina Faso
They Worked It Out - A 3.5
Wednesday, November 8, 2006
I wish I had been able to get this in sooner while the show was still running - alas, TAG only runs 2 weekends. Such a shame because the production value of this show was pretty good. TAG Always does a great job with their space with sets, lighting and sound.

Working is a tough musical - the show is made up of a series of snippets of daily lives of workers, and the monoluges at times do not flow very well, and the music is a broad range of styles - musical theater, folk song, pop and rock. I just get the feeling that this show never meshes well in any production - it is in desperate need of a re-write.

However, I felt that some of the actors did very well with what they had to work with. The cast is a nice mix of students and professionals.

Standing out is Kristie Krabe. She truly shines as the soloist in "Millwork", and steals the second act with "It's An Art" She is definitely the strongest vocalist of the group.

Sally Robertson gets two great character moments as a teacher with just a bit of a racist side and a desperate housewife (before they were so fashionible!)

As the narrator, Jeffrey David Gibb did a fine job, but as an actor I feel he has a bit of growing to do. His character was at times uneven, but there were moments of brilliance (Fathers and Sons) which made me realize he could be one to watch.

The ensemble was hit and miss. There were some numbers that were downright unbearable (Brother Trucker, The Spanish Song) And some of the timing of the actors in their songs and monolouges were way off. It seemed really out of proportion with the perforances mentioned above. I guess that is the balance you have to master in a college production.

Overall, though, it was an enjoyable evening of theater.

The Oz Chronicles in Concert, by Stephen Schwarz, Harold Arlen,Charlie Smalls
Uneven but a good time
Sunday, August 13, 2006
Intrigued by the review in SOVO, I ventured out to Onstage for this show. The show turned out to be an entertaining even, and while I agree with the SOVO take on the show, I wildly disagree on others.

First off, I kind of enjoyed the history lesson between songs. Sometimes it did seem awkward when the lesson was weaved into the middle of a song (Defying Gravity) but other wise I didn't mind it.

I did feel that there were a few people who may have been miscast. Some of the songs were just too difficult for some of the singers, while on the other hand, there were a few singers I would have liked to hear more from (especially the stunning Tala Al-Khudairi).

I have to disagree with Mr. Farmer about the stand out performer, though. While I enjoy hearing Laine Binder in character roles and like o watch her perform, my favorite was Kristie Krabe. Not only is this an amazing vocalist (that is a given anytime she is in a show) this is also a great actress. I think I would like to see her play Glinda on Broadway (or heck, even Elphie - I would have liked to hear her sing Defying Gravity, Ms. Binder's version was just too abrasive for me). Also amazing was Tawana Johnson and Clinton Dillard. And the suprise for me was J'Nai Walker who delivered a house shaking rendition of No Bad News.

At times I felt like the band was not paying attention to the actors. Songs either moved at breakneck speed or suddenly got stuck in the mud, and nothing the actors did could fix the situation.

All in all, though, and enjoyable evening with most of my favorite songs from all the shows.

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