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Little Shop of Horrors, by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken
Little Shop of Horrors - Both Good and Not So Good
Monday, October 2, 2006
I'm a personal friend of Adam and Dina Schwam's daughter, Marissa. We do theatre together, and I was just cast in the professional production of Little Shop of Horrors. Naturally I freaked out and asked them if I could see their play.

Now to the play:
I have heard the music for Little Shop, of course, and when I watched this video, I felt the music was rushed.

Numbers that were rushed:
"Feed Me (Git it)" - It's supposed to be kind of fast, but not too fast, this was just slightly faster than I would've liked.
"Now (It's Just the Gas)" - This was rushed very much. Also, I didn't feel like any real emotion in this song, but Joey Ellington (Orin) and his laughing was hilarious.
"Suddenly Seymour" - Not too rushed, but it should've been a song that's speed could've been controlled by the actors.
"ACT 1 Finale" - Not so much rushed, but what happened to the end. We got Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon's solos, but what about the Little Shop theme with the plant laughing.
"Somewhere That's Green (Reprise)" - I just that if it had been slower, more emotional effects could've been there, but I could still tell that Seymour was about to die with Audrey.

Numbers that I loved:
"Little Shop of Horrors" - Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon kicked butt on their three part harmony, on this song, while I missed the random riffing as with the movie, I still loved this song.
"Skid Row" - The soloist (Crystal) at the beginning was absolutely amazing. I love Ms. Baldwin to death, and she nailed everything you could've nailed on this song. Also, the harmony at the end was very good.
"Grow for Me" - Mr. Schwam can sing his butt off! Frankly, I'm nervous about performing as Seymour because Mr. Schwam is amazing!
"Somewhere That's Green" - I love Ms. Dina! Aaah! Beautiful! Frankly, Okely Dokely no "SPECIAL STAGING" was needed for this song. She was perfect, on pitch, and sold the song!
"Call Back in the Morning" - I loved the staging for this song, especially in the end. Although, I wished they had done the harmony and had sung it faster I still loved it!

Okay, so I loved this show! I can't wait to do it! Come see it!

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