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Reefer Madness: The "Hit" Musical, by Kevin Murphy
Campy yet Brilliant
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I saw the show last saturday and couldnt have had a better time. The show is non stop hilarity that truly pulls out all the stops! just when you think "they cant possibly top this"... they do!

The direction of course was brilliant! kudos kate! and the entire design of the show was phenomenal. Watching a black and white movie live was an experience i never thought id have, and couldnt have been more pleased with! Im sure all of the designers worked incredibly hard and i praise you.

The cast was terrific! they masterd this somewhat trivial script and nailed it! Honorable mention going to doyle reynolds for his amazing portrayal of the lecturer! His pacing and interaction with the "student body" made for many side splitting laughs.

Jessie Dean and Joey Ellington did a fantastic job with their not so typical romantic lead roles. and contrary to Dr. b's review i think that Joey couldnt have been more suited for the role. His squeaky, post pubescent characterization of jimmy had me rolling and never once did i think "gay" during his amazingly strenuous performance. His physical humor along with his outragoeous facial expressions and much improved vocal talent were dead on. I applaud him for carrying such a challenging show!

Chris skinner and Geoff Uterhardt were highlights in the show. They both made me nearly cry laughing so hard. I generally tend to think drag roles are tickets for easy laughs, but chris did an amazing job, and i never saw a drag queen. He really was that reefer slut! Great Job! And ralph was right on from the devouring of the apple... to your tie... to poor sally! The whole performance was HILARIOUS!

Suehyla El-Attar was perfectly cast in the role of mae. Her characterization of the truly torn reefer den mother was impecible. She stole moments without trying simply by being so dedicated and intense to the character. many times her subdued reactions and extremely conflicted decision making not only heightened the stakes but honestly made her the benevolent hero. As for those amazing songs... i heard a beautiful voice inside there. Dont be afraid to let it out!

The band was awesome! i always love the merging of rock and roll and musical theater. and these guys are all rockstars! Great job with a very stereotypical "musical" score! you were awesome and mastered this show! and kudos for giving those poor unmiced singers perfect volumes and an amazing opportunity to really jam! i loved it!

Congrats to all involved! you have done an amazing job! be proud! and for all of you who havent seen it! MAKE SURE YOU DO! You wont regret it and you'll go back for more! i know i'll be back! Thanks!

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