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Kiss of the Spider Woman, by Terrence McNally; Music and Lyrics by John Kander & Fred Ebb
Wow. Wow. And one teeny not-so-Wow.
Saturday, November 11, 2006
I have to say - I was a little taken aback when I heard that OnStage Atlanta was going to attempt "Kiss of the Spider Woman." Its such a difficult and dark musical and I honestly did not think they would be able to pull it off. Boy was I wrong. I have never reviewed a show before, but here goes.

Let me start off by saying I agree with the other reviewers, the costumes were awful. I think they should seriously think about getting a new costume designer or something. I saw several costume malfunctions and I have a hard time believing that people who wear clothes every day had that much trouble with them - something else had to be wrong.

I am not entirely sure I agree with people about the set - what do you expect? It IS a community theatre - rolling jail cell? Please. I think the set looked fine for what it was intended to do.

I am also not entirely sure how you can call Auroa's (Sims Banes) costumes gaudy and over the top and then compliment her on her portrayal of Auroa (a B movie actress). Gaudy and over the top ARE characteristics of B Movies and I think her costumes were the best in the show. Seriously, lutherboston, if you noticed the prisoners numbers, you were paying too much attention and just looking for something to pick on. I never even noticed other than seeing that they had them.

I do have to agree that Brian Porter and Sims Lamasan completely were the stars of the show. Both of their performances were amazing. They both have incredible voices and were perfect for their parts - Brian portrayed gay beautifully without being a buffoon and Sims' voice and dancing ability are beyong compare - also the discinct differences in Sim's playing of Aurora and Spider Woman were consistent and bordered on genuis. Someone needs to snatch them both up and put them in movies. The other lead, Luke Dreiling was great, too - even if he understated some of his spoken lines. His "butch" look was perfect for the part of the straight "Valentin." His voice was phenomenal. His rendition of the song "Marta" with the other prisoners really got to me.

I thought the rest of the ensemble was quite fantastic - the voices were great, the acting was above par and the staging was appropriate. Barabara Cole and Katherine Rouse were wonderfully cast in the respective roles of "Molina's Mother" and "Marta." Their voices were a great match and Barbara in particular is a show stopper... that woman has such a subtlety to her character that I was enthralled by her everytime she walked on the stage. Even the four dancer/prisoners were so comfortable with their parts that I felt like I was watching a snippett from an old musical B movie - and that was completely appropriate.

So basically my only complaint is the costumes. Other than that I highly encourage everyone to take this show in - its a fabulous production of a difficult musical with some of the best talent Atlanta has to offer. Congrats to Greg and Clay for putting together a great show!

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