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Hello Dolly!, by Jerry Herman
Lots of Fun, Fun to Watch
Monday, June 23, 2008
Attending Preview night is always a joy. The cast were enthusiastic and covered any fumble with grace, down the youngest members. The highlight of the evening was with no doubt Katie Baughman's vocal performance as Irene Malloy. Her soaring voice hit every note with expression and timing rarely found in community theatre. Another high point was the youngest actors. They were fun, believable, and in character throughout the show. It made me want to return to children's theatre all over again! Also fun were Cornelius and Barnaby's (David Azzarello and Patrick Coffey) believably awkward friendship with each other and courtship of their perfectly cast love interests.

I'd also love to point out that the set and backdrops are phenomenal! They were fun to look at but not distracting. Costuming was also done with flair, particularly for the main roles. Make-up and Hair were also quite nice, in that one never stopped to think about them specifically.

Although called for in the script... and done quite well with great grace by Jill Massa, I am always put off by the crying whimpering Ermengarde in any performance. Dolly is beautifully played by Patty Guenthner and it is abundantly apparent that it is indeed her time to shine. She's joyful and lonesome at once and never pushes it over the top. Her love interest, played by Alan Stacy, takes a little warming up too, but is fun to watch as the two develop the "relationship." I felt like I was watching the two actors finally find their characters together and would guess that the following performances will be amazing indeed!

I Take This Man, by Jack Sharkey
Great Time, Great Actors, Pretty Good Script
Saturday, May 17, 2008
Although definitely a comedy of not all that much substance, this show is carried off with an obvious passion for theatre by cast and crew. The notoriously small Polk Street Players stage in the Stellar Cellar was used adroitly in blocking by the director. One never felt as though the actors were forced to fit or crammed on stage. Angie Caudill's performance was indeed the epitome of her character's name, Giddy! Furthermore, she and Grant Garlinghouse pull off some of the best onstage chemistry seen in a long time. They are believable in convincing us in love at first site. The other couple, played by Bronwyn Glantzberg and Brian Twomey are at once charming and comfortable. Although they both have their onstage moments, we again totally believe they are indeed at home with each other in their relationship. Rounding out the cast is the perfect policeman played by Greg Fitzgerald. He is fun to watch and was perfectly cast in this "straight man" role to the hilarity that envelopes him. Some other fun notes to watch for include some excellent sleeping; oh, and did I mention steamy kisses? If nothing else, the extended phone conversations will leave you smiling.

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of Murder at Checkmate Manor, by D. McGillivray & W. Zerlin, Jr.
Review by Marietta Daily Journal
Monday, February 12, 2007
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