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The Tempest, by William Shakespeare
Shakespeare, what would we do without you?
Saturday, February 10, 2007
North Springs High School has managed another amazing job with The Tempest. The casting was wonderful, and the special effects were amazing. The set was gorgeous in itself, and the thenderstorm scene was brilliant. I did have one problem though. The sound was slightly off. Sometimes the actors' mikes would be too soft, or else not turned on at all. During the thunderstorm scene the music and thunder was almost deafening, and I could hear a single line in the beginning scene, which was shame, as it IS the first scene. Overall, I think it was a very good show, and I recommend it to anyone who likes a good Shakespeare.

Sister Act: The Musical, by Cheri and Bill Steinkellner
Wow. I umm... liked it. Don't hurt me!!
Saturday, February 10, 2007
I seem to be the only person who really really enjoyed the show. Sure it needed some tweaking before it hits Broadway for sure. But overall, it's a fun time, and the songs are surprisingly catchy.

Two people needed to be replaced however. The lead role of Delores Van Cartier needs to either be replaced, or strengthen her voice. The notes that should have been belted seemed to have a muffled quality to it. And Mother Supieror needed to have a high soprano voice, which she didn't have. Although the woman playing Mother Superior did an amazing job acting wise, singing wise wasn't so good. But what the show lacked in those two made up for in every other way. They songs were hilarious. Sister Mary Roberts was amazing, and had a beautifully clear voice. The costumes were cute. I laughed so hard during this. And you know why? Because IT'S FUN. The musical is fun. Perhaps it's not a smart political satire, or reflecting on today's society. But you'll have fun, and you won't feel guilty about it. 4 stars. Over and Out.

Bus Stop, by William Inge
Reccomend it!
Saturday, February 10, 2007
I saw Bus Stop the other day and was very excited. The cast was amazing, especially the girl who played Alma and the guy who played Virgil. They both had little moments that really brought their characters to life. I have to say that the guy who played Tim had forgotten a couple of his lines in the beggining, but recovered quickly. The man who played the professor was absolutly brilliant. But I do have to ask, "Where is he from?" because in the beginning he sounded british, and then moved to a boston accent later on. Just one little detail. Overall the show was very entertaining, and I liked the intamacy of the theatre. 5 stars from me. Over and Out.

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