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The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), by Reed Martin, Adam Long & Austin Tichenor
Funny, but they try a littel hard. 3.6 on the scale!
Monday, May 7, 2007
True, I saw this production in London. But the thing about great slapstick and improv is the appearance not trying. I think this show was well done, but things kept feeling forced at times. It ws a great ensemble, with no particular stand outs-and that is a good thing. I do recommend, especially for Shakespeare or Monty Python Fans.

Will Rogers Follies, by Cy Coleman, Betty Comden, Adolph Green
A 4.5 for a surprisingly great show!
Monday, May 7, 2007
So, I saw Steel Magnolias (By the same director) at this theater, and it was very well done. When they said that they were doing, "Will Rogers Follies", I thought them to be a bit over ambitious. It is not a huge space. I saw the original, with Keith Carradine on Broadway and didn't see how they could possibly do this show justice. I guess (as my wife tells me) I have to admit when I am wrong.

The director uses every inch of the space to grab you in. With projections , lighting and a decent set, they draw you in. The cast energy is amazing. Mark Owen doesn't just Play Will Rogers, he is Will Rogers. Amanda Leigh Pickard did a very nice job as Will's wife. Her shining moment is her last song, and her farewell to Will. Very Nice emotional range and great chemistry between the two. Rob Hardie as Will's Dad was a very nice piece of comic vaudeville, and Colleen Hargis stole almost every scene as the main follies girl. A couple of stand outs in the ensemble were Chris Smith who played various roles, including a woman at one point and the four Roger's children.

The choreography was way above average for community theatre and blended in very well with the direction. Okay, now the downsides. The pianist seemed a bit off at times and I wish there were more band members. They had a nice trio (Bass, Drums and piano)but it would have been nice to have a couple more musicians for this big score. I kept hearing noise backstage and in the lobby, which sometimes shattered my focus. Lastly, I couldn't tell if the cowboys bumbling through some choreography was planned or if they were having trouble. If it is planned, it needs to be more obvious. That's it. I really do recommend this one. Hats off to cast, choreographer and a director who creatively made the follies happen in the smallest of theatres. The joke is on me, I was so prepared to dislike this.

BASH (latterday plays), by Neil Labute
Fascinating at it's best
Monday, May 7, 2007
Other reviewers have said it all and very well. It is nice to see Onstage Atlanta come back with such an enthralling piece of work. The only thing that I can add, is the way the actors were committed to their roles. You really believed what they ere doing, and you soon lost yourself in this play. Bravo to a great cast and director. Matt Hamner gave a very real performance. It is a shame that they could not extend this play for everyone to see. My only down point was that the lighting, though appropriate, was too dim at times. This is a minor thing. Again, very well done.

The Foreigner, by Larry Shue
A Fun Night At The Theatre
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Most of the review of Parrot I agree with. I want to take the time to compliment the amazing set. I think one review gave far too much praise to this show. It was a very good show, but not unflawed. Froggy was fun, but many times I could not understand what he was saying. The Reverend was mediocre at best. I felt the ingenue came off very unlikable in the beginning, and so I really couldn't feel much sympathy for her. I did warm up to her a lot more in Act 2. The Old woman was great, but during the exposition scene at the beginning, talked way too fast. the highlight of this show (and almost flawless) was the performances of Mark Schroeder, John Spencer and Brian Baumann. All of the actors deserve credit for keeping great comedic timing and a very nice pace. Over all, I was extremely impressed with the show and the theater. It is worth seeing in my book.

Monty Python's Spamalot, by Python (Monty) with Iric Idle and John du Prez
Great show-Wink wink-Nudge-Nudge
Tuesday, March 6, 2007
I can't really top the other review. It was just a joy to see such unabashed nonsense. And so well done. A must see for all!

Steel Magnolias, by Robert Harling
A 4.5 For this wonderful show!
Tuesday, March 6, 2007
I have to agree, this is a great ensemble cast. I might have rated it a 5, but the lighting was a bit dim and there were no programs. All six women were great, but I must say that there were some stand outs. the actress playing Annelle was not just playing her, she WAS her. The dynamics between mother and daughter were very close to what I saw in my household growing up. The comic timing of Ouiser and Claree just stole the show. I saw this 2 years ago in Acworth, and enjoyed it then. This production is even better. Kudos to the director for his casting eye and his staging. This show is worth seeing. I would have liked to have seen a set with more pictures, knick knacks etc, but I guess I am picking at straws. Job well done ladies!

Anything Goes, by Cole Porter
New Cover does not change the book
Thursday, February 22, 2007
Okay, so Cobb Studio is now Theatre On Main. I was very excited to see this show. How soon we forget that the best Christmas Carol that I ever saw was at Cobb Playhouse, I refer to the one 2 years ago, not the last one which to be kind was sadly lacking. I saw a great production of Rome and Juliet (when they were in Marietta), a great production of Steel Magnolias (at the Acworth location), and a great outdoor show of Bye Bye Birdie. All of these very good shows were at Cobb Playhouse. I also sat through a very dismal(I am too kind) I Hate Hamlet (Acworth), the worst production of Guys and Dolls(Marietta, the worst production of Sound Of Music (Acworth), an okay production of Great Expectations (Acworth) and a uneven production of Footloose(Acworth). What am I saying? in the past, they have done great work all the way down to awful. So what makes them different now? I am sure that Bill Jury is a capable director (though I didn't see it here)and some of the performances were okay. But what director/artistic director spend a ton of money on renovations (though I do like them)but doesn't care that people can't sing in a musical? I have attended brilliant plays in what looked like a hovel, and awful plays in theatrical palaces! So I ask, what is the difference? Theatre has it's ups and downs. Theatre on Main will, just like Cobb Playhouse before it. But they won't be around long if they execute this type of judgement. I am sorry guys, I hope I love the next show that I see. I am giving it a one, because there were some nice performances. But alas, a new cover seems not to have changed the book.

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