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Footloose, by
Great show!
Monday, September 5, 2011
I attended this Saturday's performance of "Footloose" and was really pleased with what directer Tanya Gruber has put together. This show was Ms. Gruber's first for The Twilight Theatre and I certainly hope she'll do more in the future!

Simple staging allowed plenty of room for the high energy dance numbers. The ensemble as a whole was very strong vocally, though they seemed to some times have a bit of trouble syncing singing with dancing.

The leads and featured roles of Ren, Ariel, Rusty, Wendy Jo, and Urleen were FANTASTIC. Their vocals really blew me away. Ren's dancing was suburb as well. The only thing really lacking among this group was costuming. It would have served Ms. Duncan (Ariel) more to have gone for big 80's hair rather than the ponytail she kept adjusting on stage.

Willard was also a stand-out role. His adlibs and asides brought even more humor to the show.

An all around good time and definitely one of the best shows Twilight has done this year. The show will be returning this Friday and Saturday so cut loose and head over to "Footloose!"

Chicago, by
Entertaining Fun
Monday, September 5, 2011
This is only the second Henry Players show I have been able to attend but it was certainly worth the drive out. "Chicago" made for an entertaining good night.

The cast is solid vocally. The energy was a little lacking and someone should have coached them in Yankee accents to add finish to their performances. Billy Flynn and Amos were standout men and Velma and Roxie made a good pair.

The choreography seems to have borrowed largely from the Hollywood film version of the musical, but it's good stuff so why not?

The ensemble was very entertaining, plenty of humor going on behind the leads in scenes like the courtroom. They added a nice layer of fun to the show.

An all around good show. With another weekend in its run, I encourage everyone looking for a good time this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to go check "Chicago" out.

Les Miserables (School Edition), by by Book by Alain Boublil, Lyrics by Alain Boublil & Herbert Kretzmer, Music by Claude-Michel Schonberg
Performing Arts Agenda Review
Monday, July 19, 2010
This is a section of a review of the Twilight Theatre production written by Rebecca Ashott

"Les Miserables means "the miserable ones" or "the wretched ones." It is a play about the very least members of society; yet in contrast, it gathered the very best of community theatre in this Twilight Theatre production. Les Miserables, the musical by Alain Roublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg which was inspired by the novel by Victor Hugo, was performed this past weekend at the Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater in Peachtree City. Directed by Alison Chambers, the cast of around 70 featured a huge, seemingly impossible, collection of musical talent that this author has never seen matched. The costuming in this production was fantastic. Anna Kate Spears and her crew created hundreds of costumes to depict life in revolutionary France. The music performed by members of the Peachtree Wind Ensemble was excellent. As community theatre musical productions go, this was truly among the finest.


Having seen the movie, the musical at the Fox, and this play performed by other theatre groups, I certainly had a reference point for critiquing this performance. Almost as if to surprise me, Twilight Theatre stepped up to the challenge. This has to be their shining moment. As a theatre patron, actor, singer and critic, it amazes me that this level of talent was derived from a cast this large on one stage. Oh I expected a few shing stars, but to find so many wonderful voices in one production is truly astounding. Adding to the acting and vocal talent is the ability of the lead actors to capture the emotion of this epic musical."

For the rest of the review, please read and subscribe to the free e-zine:

To see this wonderful show, come to the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater July 30th or 31st. Show starts at 8, doors open at 7:30.

"Don't miss this one. Community Theatre simply does not get better!"

Oliver!, by Lionel Bart
Rewiew from the Southside Arts Agenda- "Totally Delightful"
Monday, July 27, 2009
As the work is not mine, I have not posted the review here, but instead hope you will check out this link to the original souce available here:

This is review is by Andre DeLorenzo of the Southside Arts Agenda. He was came to the show this past Friday and so saw the cast with Alexa Echevarria and Benjamin Spears in the roles of Oliver and the Artful Dodger.

The review is on pages 11 and 39 of the Agenda!

This is a link to a preview of the show- please check it out and then come and see us closing weekend!

Cinderella, by Rodgers & Hammerstein
Impressive and Promising Performance!
Tuesday, June 16, 2009
I saw this show Saturday night and would have reviewed it immediately had the company and production already been in the database. Alas, they were not. But now that I've done that leg work, here's what I thought:

Cast: overall- VERY good

Cinderella: I was shocked Miss McCauley is not even going into high school yet! Already a beautiful young lady, she's getting prettier and her voice stronger every year. She played the well known princess with grace and charm.

Prince Christopher: Speaking of good looking... Mr. Papac was the spitting image and act of a charming prince. And the boy can sing as well! I thoroughly enjoyed each scene he was in, especially the tender moments between he and his beloved- and the more comic ones with his parents or Lionel and Jayme.

Fairy Godmother: Played her part well. She has a VERY strong voice considering her age. I hope she'll treat and train it well because she could easily develop into a powerhouse singer. Hope to see more from her in the future!

Stepmother: I wish they had aged her with makeup more, and maybe directed her to lower the register of her speaking voice a bit. Just that added touch would have perfected her role. As it was, she did a job to be proud of. Demanding of Cindy and doting on her daughters- and Lionel. Miss Mayfield was nicely entertaining.

Stepsisters- Joy and Grace: Not that I want to play favorites too much, but I have to say Miss Hannah Feltner was the stepsister who caught my eye the most. She did not overplay her role, but was delightfully dullwitted. Miss Abby Feltner did very well too though. There may have been more she could have done with her part, but she was also very funny. And the fact that the two are sisters in real life enhanced their onstage squabbling I'm sure.

King: Somebody call Mel Brooks. He needs to see Mr. Reep in costume and cast him for a stage version or remake of Robin Hood Men in Tights. Looks aside, I loved the way Mr. Reep played the king, appropriately funny and regal all at once.

Queen: Miss Earle is fantastic no matter what role she plays. Like the stepmother, I wish a bit of aging had been done on both the royal parents, but Miss Earle played her part hilariously nevertheless.

Lionel: Mr. Monk was delightful. It's a shame he's so young, if only because he would have looked so much more the part with a couple of feet on him. But I loved the moustache and the way he managed to look down his nose at people towering over him.

Jayme: Miss Monk assured me after the show that she is indeed a professional actress. It shows. This girl was FANTASTIC! I drew a little star and exclamation points next to her name in my program. She was wonderfully funny- had a nice way of rolling her eyes and leaning back with her arms folded. She was simply a delight.

Ensemble: Could have used some more sound out of them during the group numbers, but all of the ensemble members were good in their own right, I'm just lacking the space to review them all!

Costumes: WONDERFUL. Loved every costume I saw. They were comical and beautiful.

Set: EXCELLENT. Who ever painted the backgrounds did a great job. Wish the tree in the garden had looked a little more realistic- a fake, office tree might have been better. But, not a big deal.

Effects: Good. The Cinderella double was a close enough match, and their switches were not too noticeable. The carriage was very well done! I could have done without the sound effects at all. They were sometimes late and didn't add much to the show. The picture slides before the show and during intermission were a nice touch though- good way to use the resources available.

Music: PERFECT. One, talented, young pianist. Mr. Hung did a wonderful job. Only one mistake during the overture was noticeable. He deserved the ovation given at the end of the show- glad he came onstage.

Mr. Thomaston has directed a show he should be very proud of. No, it was not perfect, but considering the age of those involved, it was very impressive. I expect to see only bigger and better things from Backyard Kids Theatre. Just wish I was young enough to take part!

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