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Altar Boyz, by Music and Lyrics by Gary Adler and Michael Patrick Walker, Book by Kevin Del Aguila
Heavenly Entertainment!
Friday, September 12, 2008
Get ready to have your mind "Altared"! Altar Boyz at Horizon Theatre is great fun. I was there preview night, and having seen the show before in New York, I must say the Horizon production definitely does justice to the material.

Horizon is known for edgy, contemporary theatre. This show is definitely contemporary as it allows us to join in on the final tour concert for Catholic boy band members Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham (the nice Jewish boy). And while on the surface Altar Boyz may seem like it's all fluff, there's much more to the picture. Altar Boyz is all about family, community, answering your call in life, and sticking together no matter what.

This is originally a one-act show. Horizon splits it up into two acts, which is a little odd, but does give you time to go buy a t-shirt.

The show is visually fantastic, with nice lighting effects, a great projection screen, wonderful costumes and a scaled-down boy band stage that would make N'Sync envious. Horizon is a very unique theatre space, and sound engineers make the best of it, although the music could be a little louder in places.

Josh Rhett Noble is a perfect Matthew. With a smooth voice and rocker-boy look, Noble dances perfectly and brings his own touch to the "straight character" in the show. Kyle Haak is an Atlanta newcomer, and plays "sensitive boy" Mark with sweetness and heart. His "Epiphany" is a highlight of the show. Andy Meeks as Abraham is a hoot, Ricardo Aponte gets many laughs as the Latin heartthrob Juan, and you can't help but love Ronve O'Daniel as Luke.

Hats off to Director Jeff Adler, Musical Director Bryan Mercer, and Choreographer Charles Bulloch for pulling off such a great production.

The Boy Friend, by Sandy Wilson
Monday, August 4, 2008
Campy, classic musical theatre. Boy meets girl...fall in love in 2.2 seconds. But, boy is in disguise as a poor boy when in fact he is a rich fella looking for someone to capture his heart...not his money. And...surprise...the girl just happens to be rich herself. Shakespeare it is not...nor does it try to be.

Act1's cast, comprised mostly of young up and coming performers, leaves you with a smile on your face, even when a dated script cannot.

Victoria Coe is a stunning beauty as Polly Browne. This young actress has great potential and a face made for the movies.

Brian Webber dances effortlessly as Tony and Stacey Serowitz glides across the stage as Maisie.

Comedy standout Sarah McClure brings life to Sandy Wilson's material as Hortense and Matthew McClure (related?) beams and makes the small ensemble role of Marcel take the spotlight more than once with a huge smile and strong voice. These two alone are worth the trip to Alpharetta.

Tongue-in-cheek and light hearted. Check it out for carefree entertainment.

The Clean House, by Sarah Ruhl
Sunday, June 29, 2008
Short and sweet:

This show is astounding. Absolutely the best show I've seen in the area in quite some time. A perfect script. Perfect casting. Perfect direction.


Beyond the Rainbow, by William Randall Beard
Beyond Amazing Talent
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
For most of us, the image that pops into our head when we hear "Judy Garland" is a mixture of ruby red slippers and/or pill popping. Regardless, her voice is one that lives on as a true Hollywood Musical rarity. Two voices that are destined to follow in that path can be found in "Beyond the Rainbow" at Georgia Ensemble.

Natasha Drena takes on the role of the older Garland full-force. She sounds amazingly like her, right down to Garland's powerful endings and signature touches. Drena takes center stage as the show revolves around Garland's infamous Carnegie Hall performance, with flashbacks to the olden days of little Francis' life.

One of those flashbacks includes Laura Floyd as young Judy. Laura Floyd is…simply put…astounding. Where has this girl been? What an amazing voice! Every moment she graced the stage she was mesmerizing. A true rarity (much as Judy was), Floyd is destined to take the musical theatre industry by storm.

Ann-Carol Pence did an extraordinary job with musical direction, capturing every song with grace, style and stunning flare; all played beautifully by the live band.

With usual strong, glorious direction, Don Farrell creates a superb picture that compliments the music we all have grown to love.

Kudos to all for an amazing production!

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