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The Wizard of Oz, by
my excellent Friday night date adventure
Saturday, June 23, 2007
Went with my brand new boyfriend, I thought he was brave for going to live theater instead of the movies but he liked it as much as I did. Someone in the cast gave me tickets and asked me to write a review on this site. So... here goes...good and bad...the music was too loud when the little bitty kids were singing and too loud when the scarecrow was singing but it was too soft on other songs. They really need a spotlight on some of the scenes when the lion was doing his thing. The witch was quite evil when she was in her castle but I couldn't hear her a couple of times. When they were dancing around in the poppy fields I heard someone singing faintly backstage (if this was for a special effect it didn't work that well) - why don't the main characters sing that song so the audience can hear it better? Now for the good. :) I thought the person who did the casting for the show was brilliant because the everyone seemed perfect for their own roles. The overall impression I got was very positive and they looked like they were having a good time. I have been in numerous shows at FSU and it made me want the guy directing Oz to work at my school.(is he available ya'll?) The scarecrow was obviously a great dancer, the tin man was a strong singer, the lion was totally funny, Dorothy was an excellent little actress, and the witch was scary. People, this was a great date night. (ps - loved the improv bucket at the end)

Will Rogers Follies, by Cy Coleman, Betty Comden, Adolph Green
I had a free night so I went.
Sunday, May 13, 2007
I saw this show last night. I was astounded at what a great show a bunch of non-paid people in the age range from 7-70 [it looked like] could put on. I especially liked the man who played Will Rogers. I was wondering how a new theatre such as Blackwell Playhouse could afford such extravagant costumes. Being it's first large production, [I was told by the owner] the actors on stage seemed to be having a great time. Having a great time is the essence of a community production, right?

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