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Metamorphoses, by Mary Zimmerman
Thursday, May 24, 2007
I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this show. I admit, before seeing it, I had never read it, and was only vaguely familiar with most of the myths depicted. A friend of mine involved with Georgia Shakes highly recommended it though, and I can't say he was at all wrong to do so.

The first thing the audience sees is the beautiful, idyllic set...A placid pool sprawling across the stage, reflecting the soft lighting and lovingly detailed scrim in the background. From the instant the action of the play began, I was captivated. The well-trained voices of the actors were mesmerizing to listen to, their stories engaging and entertaining. The installments of Zimmerman's new takes on old myths run the gamut from hilarious, to heartbreaking, to poignant and touching. I only occasionally found myself able to break away from what was happening onstage in order to look over at my boyfriend and take in that he was also completely immersed.

The story of Myrrha was my personal favorite, and the one that I believe to be the best-acted and most heart-rending of the lot. The young actress playing Myrrha (Bethany Ann Lind) was wonderfully connected with her character at every moment she was onstage, with every movement of her body expressing her inner-turmoil. I hope so see much more of her onstage in the future.

This show is very much worth seeing, and an excellent representative of the caliber of the actors and directors at Georgia Shakespeare. Everyone involved with the show should be proud of this work!

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