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Fiddler on the Roof, by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock
Very entertaining considering........
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
I'm not normally one to leave reviews but thought these guys deserved a little more credit than some of the other reviews left on here. I saw the sunrise cast and thought they did excellent. Maybe that's because my expectations of going into these things isn't what I would have going to see a major production somewhere or a Broadway show. These are community actors, most of whom are kids and college kids trying to make a name for themselves anywhere they can and get experience. I'm sure these kind of small community theaters are where many kids discover a love for acting and singing. I don't come to these expecting some New York production but I do expect to be entertained and these actors did just that. I'm sure they all have school and work schedules to work around as they are not paid for this from what I hear, so I'm sure they do the best they can with the time they have. Also, it seems space is an issue, obviously the stage was way too crowded, but with all the revenue they should be bringing in with the double casting(which I hate, but I know they need the extra income) they should hopefully move to a bigger venue at a better location soon. I think that will make the experience more enjoyable and bring in more actors. As for the acting itself I think the entire cast did great. Remember people.. these are not paid professonal actors, just regualr people pursuing their passions and some pursuing a possible career. I think Tevye.. hold on let me scroll down and find his name....... Mark did an awesome job. He was very believable and had a great voice. The lady who played his wife.... Jamie I think... did great as well; how ever she needed to attempt the accent somewhat. She sounded like a New Yorker to me, nice voice though. As for the 3 oldest daughters, um...... the girl that played Tzeitel... Jillian Melko did an excellent job. She has a great broadway voice(one of the few there with an actual voice I could see on broadway.. she has the projection), the acting is almost there, but I see potential in her. I especially liked her part in Matchmaker, she did that perfectly and I was very entertained. As for the other sisters umm.. Hodel and Chava I think they did well also. Hodel played by.... Mary Battle has a very nice voice, not sure if it's a broadway voice, as I didn't get to hear her project her voice at all, it seems more sweet than the loud voice you need for broadway, but none the less she has a great voice that she can do many things with if she chooses. The other sister, played by Kristin Storla did well too, nice voice, not quite as nice as Mary or Jillian but she still has a nice voice and I enjoyed her role in the play. I feel the same about her though as Mary, not quite a broadway voice but will do for plays and solos and such. As for the other characters I think they all did wonderful... Weston Mosher (Perchik) and Chris Watson(Fyedika) did well also. One thing I didn't like was the matching of the couples. I know it would seem... I guess cliche to have the perfect looking couples but some of the matches were ridiculous, they didn't look right at all and it was awkward. I'm not saying anything against the actors at all, but putting certain matches together looked... all I can say is ridiculous and not realistic. However, I do understand they had to becuase they had to use the tallent that they had and male actors are hard to find in community theaters. It just took a little away from me cause I kept thinking wow... they look really uncomfortable (to me) and weird together. But that just may be my opinion. Overall for this just being a small community theater and and huge famous production I think they served the purpose to entertain and put on a good performance. Kudos to the cast and crew I was amused and entertained and that's all I ask for!

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