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Us...The Musical, by Jennifer Simmons
A bit Dissaponted
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
There are pro's and con's to this show. There are many redeeming things to say. They do not however, ad up to more than a 2 no matter how hard I try.
The PRO: Scott Simmons does have a really great voice. The Con-His acting is not believable in the least. Everything sounds like a memorized line. The PRO: Lani Brooks has great line interpretation and plays her part well. The Con: Her voice is pitchy and irritating when she sings. And she does not fit this role as it is presented. The PRO-Kristine Polasky has great stage presence. She also has a very nice voice. CON-sometimes her voice quivered a bit and it distracted. PRO-Hunter and Marc were great. Hunters vocals especially. CON:Would like to have seen them used more. PRO: Jennifer Simmons is very pretty, and has a nice voice. CON: I did not buy her in this role, it didn't seem believable. I think this may be because she wrote, directed and acted. This is a tough thing. She is interpreting her work through her own eyes, but she can't see herself without bias. No one can. What results is an uneven play, with uneven performances and uneven music. In a normal production, the writers would have handed it over to a team that would make cuts and additions from an outside view. This obviously didn't happen here, or didn't happen right. Some songs were very good, others were blatant rip offs of recent rock musicals. Still, I can't write music like that. And my hat is off to any one who can. This has potential, but needs a bunch of work. It needs more people coming in from the outside and making DRASTIC changes. Great effort, less than OK results.

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