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The Wizard of Oz, by
The Wizard of Oz was great, but needed to work out a few things...
Sunday, June 17, 2007
I saw the Wizard of Oz on Friday night. The show itself was really good. The show would have probably gotten a 5 from me, however, the sound that night had some serious issues. The music was playing too loud so at times you could not hear the actors. One speaker repeatedly had static. I would not let that stop you from seeing the show since more than likely they will realize they had those problems and will get them fixed.

Now if you forget about the problems stated above and look at purely at the performance, it is really great show. Dorothy was great. I don't know where they found her but she was great! In fact there were moments I would have thought I was watching Judy Garland! I have rarely seen such a believable performance in community theatre. I spoke with her after the show. She was a very nice girl. Her name is Rachel Farley and amazingly enough, she is only 12 year old! That is crazy!

The Tin Man was amazing. He has a really nice voice and his dance in the show was one of the most impressive moments of the entire show. I will not give too much information away because some of you may be planning to see it. But seriously, it was very good.

The Lion and Scarecrow were great as well. The wicked witch of the west seemed to not know her lines. If she did, then some of them really did not make sense. The munchkins were adorable.

They have a real dog for the show too. At the beginning of the show they announced that they are looking for a home from Toto because he came from the shelter. He was so cute. At one point though he got away and was running up and down the isles. It was cute.

Apparently, this show was directed by a Broadway star. It really shows. I have never seen so many neat ideas for costumes etc. The dances were amazing. There were a huge number of scene changes, costume changes etc. It was obvious that someone with experience had to be behind this show because it was so complex for a community theatre.

I would definately recommend seeing the show. Hopefully the sound will get better. I am sure it will since the night I saw it was opening night. If you have little girls, definately go! They will love meeting Dorothy after the show!

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