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The Wizard of Oz, by
I saw this show on Saturday Night....
Thursday, June 21, 2007
Good news to the person at the top. The sound was great on Saturday night, in fact the show was really awesome.

I loved Dorothy. Awesome performance. There were times in some of the sad scenes you just wanted to run up and give her a hug and tell her everything would be okay! She is quite the singer and actress. I think there are stars in that girls future! I think the person above said that she is only 12 years old. That really is amazing. She had this combination of maturity and innocence all rolled up in one. My daughter met her after the show and was thrilled. She talked about it the rest of the weekend and went home telling everyone how she met Dorothy.

The Scarecrow was really good as well. I loved the ensemble on stage with him in the cornfield as well. The costumes were so cool. The dance is not the same as the movie, in fact I found it even more entertaining.

The Tin Man...Wow! What an unexpected surprise that was. He did this awesome dance with the ensemble. He has a great voice too!

The Lion was really great as well. He was very funny. All I can really say is, no winkies! If you don't get it, go see the show and you will! My daughter was cracking up through his part.

The Witch must have gotten her stuff together or maybe it was the other witch since I noticed on the playbill that Dorothy and the Witch is double cast. Either way, the Witch had a great performance when I saw it. In fact at those points my daughter kept putting her face in my chest. So yes, she was believable!

The ensemble did great. There is so much going on in this show. I agree with the first post that you can tell there was some real experience behind this show.

They actually project alot of the background stuff on the set and they have alot of scene changes. More than I have typcially seen outside of Professional theatre.

This was my first time at this theatre. I am thinking I will have to come to more shows here if this is the quality of there shows. I was plesantly surprised.

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