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Us...The Musical, by Jennifer Simmons
Great Show...
Monday, June 25, 2007
I was a bit nervous about posting a review on this site. With all the comments about dismissing a new reviewer's review, it seemed to me that participation is discouraged here. But, I figured, what the @#*%. All of these established reviewers started at the beginning. So can I.
Although this show has ended, I wanted to put in my two cents, because this was a really good show. I took the wife to see this show after seeing the signs posted on Main Street in Acworth. We are residents of Acworth and we have seen two other shows at the theater (Theater on Main?, Cobb Playhouse? I'm not sure what the theater's name was when we attended other shows) and one show was very, very good, while the other was lacking, to say the least.
I really enjoyed this production, and my wife absolutely loved it. The sets were simple and the lighting was minimal (to the point that sometimes you couldn't see the actors) but......the story, the acting, the music, and the singing were top drawer. All of the characters were believable and well woven into the story. Topmost on the list of fine acting were Marc Middlebrooks as Armand, Lani Brooks as Elizabeth, and Jennifer Simmons as Isabelle. I was very drawn into the scenes between Bill (Scott Simmons) and Elizabeth (Lani Brooks) and the tango number with Armand (Marc Middlebrooks) and Isabelle (Jennifer Simmons) was hilarious. The third couple (Hunter Aldridge, Kristine Polasky) was delightful in their scenes of unrequited youthful love.
Vocally, hands down, Scott Simmons had the best voice. Incredible control and emotion. This is not to say, however, that the other actors were not accomplished in their singing. All three ladies had wonderful songs, sang them admirably, and blended beautifully on the Ladies Lament. Marc Middlebrooks and Hunter Aldridge added a perfect touch with their solos and harmonies in the ensamble numbers.
If I had to pick apart things I did not care for, I would begin with the lighting. As I mentioned before, it did not do the show justice. I also did not care for the set. It was minimal and dirty looking. Two of the actors had noticable accents that set them apart from the supposed location. Some of the singing, particularlly in ensamble went astray. I had some issues with character looks. Certain characters simply did not match the ego of what their characters were ment to portray. We HATED the trains coming through at certain scenes. And, I'm sorry to the actors, but sometimes, the scenes ran too far. Funny is funny, but there is a fine line between vulgar and funny.
All that being said, I thoroughly enjoyed this show. At times it made me laugh uproariously. Sometimes it made me want to look away because it was so intense. Occasionally it was lackluster and trite. That it evoked these various emotions means it did something. It entertained me. I hope, someday, and with improvements in certain areas, to see it again. Congratulations to this cast. You are something to see.

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