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Pageant: The Musical Comedy Beauty Contest, by Book and Lyrics by Bill Russell and Frank Kelly. Music by Albert Evans.
Beauty is as beauty does
Sunday, October 10, 2010
I LOVED this show and have been to see it twice. It is a farce, a spoof, and one of the best acted pieces I have seen since moving to Georgia.

I think what I like most about it is the fact that even though it consists of over-the-top, stereotypical characters, they are the type of characters we secretly imagine are really involved in the beauty pageant business.

I will admit, I have worked with one of the "ladies" in another production but in no way did that bias my opinion of the show. I didn't know he was in the show until I saw it the first time and read his name and bio in the program. He is an amazingly talented young man and it was a no surprise to see how versatile his talent really is.

All of the "ladies" embraced their characters and made me laugh until I cried. If you want an evening filled with the kind of laughter that makes you cry and causes your sides ache when you leave, then go see this show. It is a sure fire winner and a real beauty to behold.

Forever Plaid, by Stuart Ross
Forever Fabulous
Monday, June 8, 2009
This production is A-1 all the way. The four men are individually incredibly talanted and the blend they have together is perfection. I am familiar with Playright's productions and this one is equal in quality to "Smoke on the Mountain" and "Sanders Family Christmas" on all levels. My husband and I attended a Thursday night performance which was only a $15 ticket and we were more than satisfied with the value for our dollar. Even though some might be weary of paying $25 a ticket for a play they may not be familiar with, trust me, this one is worth every cent. You will thoroughly enjoy the music, the story, the guys, the special effects, everything!! Kudos to the piano player and the bass player as well. They were wonderful and added every nuance needed to make this one of the best shows I have seen to date.
Thank you Playright and my advice to everyone else.....go see this show!

Steel Magnolias, by Robert Harling
No Beauty Shop drop outs here!
Saturday, June 14, 2008
I loved this production! I only have the movie to compare this production to and since the play is most decidedly different than the movie, I have to say, there is no comparison.
The cast, the direction, the set, everything in Rosewater's production is spot on! The ladies were so believable that I really felt I was sitting in Truvy's shop, getting my hair done! Linda Thompson did a brilliant interpretation of Truvy. Her character and accent were consistent through out the entire production and she was truly fun to watch. Kim Burdges did an excellent job portraying Annelle in all her quirkiness. From the minute the pigtailed "newbie"started working in the shop, until the "wild" child found her place, she maintained her character regardless of what was going in the shop at the time. She was curiously involved with the events as they were happening and yet, at the same time, she was detached; sort of in her own world, which made her even more endearing. Julie Rhinehart was wonderful as Clairee and she carried herself exactly as one might expect a respected, Louisiana ex-mayor's wife would. She delivered her comedic lines with perfect timing and even though the audience was a bit reserved with their laughter, her timing was appreciated by this observer. Erin Greenway did a fine job as Shelby. As with all the other ladies, she held her character through out and her chemistry with her mother, M'Lynn, was wonderful. Last, but certainly not least, Gisele Frame was the perfect casting choice for M'Lynn. I felt she had the spirit and the class that M'Lynn should have and her final scene didn't leave a dry eye in the house.
Kudos to Lisa Sherouse Riley who scores another directorial bullseye. The detail and the impact of this production showcases her directorial skills once again. I am a big fan of Rosewater Theatre and can rely on their productions to be of the highest and most professional quality.
Thank you to all the ladies of "Steel Magnolias" for a very enjoyable evening at the theatre. I hope more people will take the opportunity to witness your beautiful interpretation of a play which touches the heart of every woman.

My Fair Lady, by Book and Lyrics by ALAN JAY LERNER, Music by FREDERICK LOEWE, "Adapted from George Bernard Shaw's Play and Gabriel Pascal's motion picture 'PYGMALION
My Fair Lady is Fair
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
This is a good show. It is well cast, beginning with Eliza who is played by Rebeka Williams. Her accent is convincing and consistant and she has a warmth about her that makes her likeable. Professor Higgins, portrayed by Rich Grimshaw, is well executed but it is obvious that he has listened to Rex Harrison's interpretion of the role many times. He uses the same inflections and many of the same mannerisms, which left me wondering what the character would have been like if Grimshaw had interpreted in his own style. I find the chemistry between Eliza and the Professor is really not there but it doesn't necessarily detract from the show, it just would enhance it if it were there.
The supporting roles, especially that of Col. Pickering, played by Darrell Emmerson, were well done. Pickering actually related to Eliza better than the Professor even though he was sitting much of the time in the front corner of the stage.
The most disappointing part of the show is the band. After having experienced the Holly's presentation of "Fiddler on the Roof", I expected more. It sounded as though all the musicians needed was a little more rehearsal so the notes weren't missed and everyone would have played together.
This production is certainly worth going to see and it is entertaining. What it lacks is the charm that could have been.

Barton Field
by John Ammerman
Relapse Theatre
Last Laugh! Stand-Up Competition
by Justin Spainhour-Roth
Elm Street Cultural Arts Village
Last Laugh! Stand-Up Competition
by Justin Spainhour-Roth
Elm Street Cultural Arts Village
Almost, Maine
by John Cariani
Centerstage North Theatre
Daddy Long Legs
by John Caird (book) and Paul Gordon (songs)
The Legacy Theatre
Four Old Broads
by Leslie Kimbell
Onstage Atlanta, Inc.
Midnight at the Masquerade
by The Murder Mystery Company
The Murder Mystery Company in Atlanta
Titus Andronicus
by William Shakespeare
Live Arts Theatre

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